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Text Event Pics for Your Graduation Celebration

Kick Off Graduation with an A+ in Photo Sharing

Use Text Event Pics for Your Graduation Celebration

It’s a day that every student has dreamed of: the day when you slip on your cap and gown, and leave the days of homework and class schedules behind for good. Whether you’re graduating from high school, an undergrad program or even if you’re receiving your master’s or doctorate, the feelings remains the same. Graduation season is a time of accomplishment, a time to reflect on what you have achieved throughout your scholastic career. Share all of your favorite memories from the big day with loved ones near and far by using Text Event Pics for your graduation celebration.

Why Text Event Pics is Useful

For a student, there are few moments as monumental as your graduation ceremony. Not only is this a huge moment for students, it’s also a day to remember for family members and friends. Large gatherings such as these are to be enjoyed by loved ones of all ages, which can cause some difficulty when sharing images from the big day. It’s safe to say that your grandparents, or even great-grandparents attending the ceremony may not be the most tech-savvy. Additionally, younger and elderly attendees may not be involved in using social networks, meaning that it could be difficult for these individuals to get ahold of photos from the big ceremony. Luckily, Text Event Pics can help to solve these potential issues. The service only requires that attendees have a cell phone with texting capabilities to join in on all the fun. With no login or membership necessary, photo sharing is quick, simple, and easy.

How to Use Text Event Pics

To begin using Text Event Pics for your graduation ceremony, it only takes about five minutes to sign up for the service. Once you have signed up for Text Event Pics, you will be provided with a unique event phone number. This phone number can either be retired after one use, or can be used repeatedly. Have other siblings or family members preparing for a graduation of their own? Hang onto your unique event phone number to make it even easier to share images from the big day for your loved ones. Next, simply make your guests aware of the service so that they can text in their favorite snaps from the celebration. These images can be displayed live simply by using any web browser, for all attendees to enjoy. Displaying these images will only further engagement, as guests realize that it is their images being shown.

Connect Loved Ones Near & Far

Although we can agree that a graduation ceremony is a monumental cornerstone in life, it can be difficult for all your loved ones to travel to attend the big day. Text Event Pics can easily be used to connect your loved ones near and far so that they can feel a part of the big day. The service can bridge these geographical distances by sharing your guests’ images from the ceremony and celebration in real time. When you display your guest images live, they can also be displayed in another location also by simply using a web browser. Additionally, this same browser can be used to recap your event by using our simply URL to create a custom slideshow. Being that all generations know how to send a simple text message, your guests of all age can participate in the fun.

Ready to share some memories today?

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