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About Us

The TextEventPics platform was born out of a need to create a private and safe photo sharing experience for the attendees of an event. Our platform provides services to a very broad number of events including weddings, corporate employee engagement events and sports franchises.

This safe and secure cloud-based service allows event attendees to send pictures using simple texting without downloading an app or complicated configuration. Equally, the event host has extremely easy control over the settings and content to ensure a fantastic experience for all.

Affiliate links, advertising and other revenue generating functions also exist in our platform allowing hosts and organizations to capitalize on attendee participation and engagement.

Our Team

Ron Ginn


Ron founded TextEventPics back 2017 with an idea stemming from his own personal life. The platform’s vision was created from collaboration with this group and other professionals from hospitality and event planning sectors.

“We are quickly growing into new markets and are excited to see so many people loving our service.”

We launched our Master Reseller program in 2019, offering the ability for event centric companies to offer our services as an extension to their value proposition while also capturing in additional revenue opportunities. Contact us to find out more.

Alyssa Merwin

Sales and Marketing Leadership

Alyssa leads LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions Business for North America, one of LinkedIn’s fastest growing businesses. She is responsible for leading a multi-hundred-person sales organization focused on providing a modern selling solution to sales executives at the world’s leading companies.

She has deep experience in building high-performing sales organizations, focusing on process, customer impact, and strong leadership.

Advisory Group

Gwen Griggs
Whitney Harper
Ken Kirschner

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