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Wedding Photographer Guide

Looking for a Wedding Photographer?

Here’s Your Wedding Photographer Guide for Couples

When it comes to planning your big wedding day, there are countless details to consider. From floral arrangements, to the dress, to the venue, undertaking planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. Of all off these arrangements that need to be addressed, hiring the perfect photographer for your big day is arguably one of the most important. This is why we’ve put together some tips for your wedding photographer guide below!

Identify Your Style

When it comes to wedding photography, as with all other artistic ventures, an artist’s approach to capturing your big day can be entirely different than another’s approach. It is important when searching out a photographer to identify what it is that you like about a wedding photo. On the other hand, it can be just as important to determine what is is that you don’t like as much about other images. Do you want your wedding day to be captured using formal poses and a classic style? Or would you prefer the images from your big day to have more of a lifestyle or photojournalistic feel? Do you prefer subtle or dramatic lighting? All of these distinctions can help guide you to hiring a photographer that can satisfy what you are looking for in your photos.

Do Your Homework

As mentioned previously, the number of wedding photographers available to capture your big day can be overwhelming to say the least. When attempting to sift through this vast sea of talent, referrals and reviews are key. When looking for a wedding photographer, we recommend asking other newly weds who they’ve used as a photographer. Learning from other’s experience with a photographer can save a lot of stress and heartache in the long run. When browsing local listing for photographers, it is important to note how they capture moments that are going to be important to you on your wedding day. Are family portraits a priority for you and your partner? Pay careful attention to how potential photographers pose, light, and compose their subjects for this type of imagery.

Meet With Potential Photographers

When considering a photographer for your wedding day, it is important not only to look at their work, but to consider the photographer’s personality as well. Your wedding day is one of the most monumental moments in most people’s lives, and your photographer will become a part of your memory of that day. To learn more about how your personalities mesh with that of your photographer, it is important to meet and spend some time together prior to the celebration. This is a great time to view an entire set of images from previous weddings that a potential photographer has shot, to truly assess their work. When viewing a photographer’s website or social media feed, you are viewing highlights of the artist’s best work. As a potential client, it is key to view not only these standout images, but to also get a taste of how a photographer will capture your entire ceremony.

Don’t Forget About Your Guests

It’s a cliche that you’ve probably heard time and time again: your wedding day is over in a blink. Between the ceremony, family, and entertaining guests, it can be easy for a couple to feel like their big day is over in a matter of moments. This is why capturing your wedding day and having your ceremony properly is so important. Not only is it imperative to find the right photographer to capture your day in a style that you love, it is important to share intimate moments from your guests. Using Text Event Pics is the perfect way to supplement formal, professional images created by a hired photographer with candid, intimate moments from guests.

By signing up for Text Event Pics, you can create a unique event phone number for you wedding day. Guests can then send in their images to the phone number, to be displayed and enjoyed by all of your guests. You can even display these images live! All you need is a simple projector and a web browser. This way, you can enjoy professional images, as well as fun-filled snaps from your family and friends.

Looking for some more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite standout photographers below!

Wedding Photographer Guide

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