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Bring Employees Together With Text Event Pics

How to Connect Multi-Location Events With TEP

In today’s economic climate, technology has allowed for businesses to thrive in environments different than ever before. The use of technologies including the internet, video chatting services, project assigning softwares and more can allow for more employees to work remotely. Using these same tools, companies are able to work with one another across large geographical distances, whether this be internally, or by collaborating with other businesses. While this allows for flexibility and more expansive markets for businesses, it can also present some challenges.

When connecting with other departments of your business remotely, it can be easy for employees to feel distant from those that they work with most. Holding events like meetings, retreats, and multi-location events to bring these employees together can seem like an impossible feat. However, Text Event Pics can bridge these geographical gaps by sharing guests’ photos of these events in real time. Here’s how to utilize Text Event Pics to your advantage when planning your next multi-location event.

Make Your Guests Aware

The most important thing to do when hosting an event with Text Event Pics, is to make your guests aware that they can share their images using the service. After signing up for Text Event Pics, you will be given a unique event phone number. This phone number can either be used for future events, which is the perfect option for businesses and corporations anticipating planning several events a year. For a one time event, your phone number can also be retired once you are ready. With no app to download and no accounts to sign up for, your guests will have the simple experience of texting in their images from the event.

Share Your Guest’s Images Live

The next step to connecting multi-location events with Text Event Pics is to steam your images live from the event. These photos can be shared onto any surface you wish, as must elect to use a projector screen for large events. This way, guests in different locations can feel connected and engage with other guests at another location, all in real time. Using any web browser, you can recap your event by using our simple URL to create a custom slideshow. With the use of high-quality smartphone cameras, guests can snap some genuine, candid captures to share, all while saving the cost of hiring an outside professional photographer.

Protect Your Guests Privacy

Another unique feature of Text Event Pics that makes it the best option for business and corporate events, is the privacy you have when sharing images. Not only are your images only available for your guests to see, they are also approved by the event host. This way, the success of your event, whether it be developing interdepartmental relations or team building, can be shown as being accomplished in a compliant and appropriate manner, without being plastered all over social media platforms the next day for all to see. All images are owned and copyrighted to the event host, and can later be downloaded using your My Events page.

Ready to share some memories today?

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