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Text Event Pics includes all guests

The Inclusion Model

How Text Event Pics Includes All Guests

Let’s face it: attending extravagant events with large amounts of guests that you may not know personally can be tough. Even during the happiest of occasions, such as weddings, it’s possible that a guest can know few of the other attendees, or that guests may not spend time together frequently. As an event host, it is your duty to make guests feel as comfortable as possible and to facilitate connections being made between your guests. When Ron Ginn founded Text Event Pics, he wanted to do just that. This service is founded on the proud fact that Text Event Pics includes all guests.

Sign up in Five Minutes

When using Text Event Pics, the simplicity, ease of use, and privacy of the service is key. After signing up for the service, you will be provided with a unique event phone number to be used. This entire process will take just about five minutes to complete. Your unique phone number can be retired once it has been used for your event, or it can be saved and used for future events. We recommend saving your unique event phone number if you are planning several events a year with the same guest list. This way, guests can already have their event phone number saved when they enter the party!

For guests, there is no need to sign-up or register. They simply text the event phone number with photos and enjoy sharing memories.

Share Your Service With All Guests

The next step in using the Text Event Pics service is to make all of your guests aware of the unique phone number being used at your event. This can be done by way of an announcement on the day of the event, an e-mail blast or this information could be included on guests’ invitations. This step is key, because guests cannot participate in the service if they are not aware of where to text in their images from the event. Once guests are made aware, they can simply text in their images to the phone number. After attendees begin sending in their photos, the event host can project them live for all to enjoy. The sharing of these images will further encourage engagement as guests realize that it is their own images being shared on the screen.

Old Phone? No problem.

Part of what makes this service unique is that Text Event Pics includes all guests. In this age, everyone knows how to text, but everyone may not be willing to join a social network or know how to use an app. Texting is a service that can bridge generational gaps, as older individuals are more familiar with texting than social networks or complex apps. In fact, our founder Ron recalls being in attendance of an event and having two 90-year-olds approach himself and his wife to thank them for providing the Text Event Pics service. These two individuals were elated that they could participate in the service and that they didn’t have to feel life out being they weren’t willing or able to use an app or social network.

Not only does Text Event Pics make connections between different generations, it can also bridge the gap between different cell phone users. As an event host, you don’t have to worry about what sort of phone your guests are using to send in their images. From flip phones to smart phones and everything in between, as long as a guest has the capability to text, they can participate in the fun. Guests can simply snap their own intimate, candid images on their phone and share these photos instantly. Once all of these images have been collected, the event host can even download all the photos by way of their My Events page or share a slideshow of the event using our simple URL to create the show.

Ready to share some memories today?

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