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Meet the Founder of Text Event Pics

How Text Event Pics Was Founded

We’ve all been there before…you’re having a blast at an event, snapping pictures with friends, family, and new acquaintances. As the night comes to an end, you’re left with a dilemma: how do I get ahold of the memories that have been captured tonight by new and old friends? As guests begin to make their way home after the party, you’re left feeling like you’ll never see those photos again. For those that haven’t departed quite yet, you’re left juggling phone numbers, swapping social media handles, and downloading apps to share the photos that you all have captured from the evening. For those guests that are less than tech savvy, most of these memories will never be seen again. It is the endless dilemmas in photo sharing including these that explain why and how Text Event Pics was founded.

Text Event Pics founder Ron Ginn explains: “Anyone who can take a send a text can now participate in an event, no app required. This is a service that can be used for any event, large or small, and for all attendees no matter their phone provider or level of technical skill. It’s instant, secure and easy to use.”

It really as is easy as that. By signing up with Text Event Pics with the link below, you will be given your unique event phone number within five minutes of sign up. This number can either be used for future events, or can be retired after your event once you are ready. Guests will use this unique number to simply text in their images, that can be displayed live during your event using a projector screen or other surface. As guests begin to see their images appear on the big screen, engagement will increase as your guests want to participate in the fun. Using any web browser, you can also recap your event by using our simply URL to create a custom slideshow to share. All images are owned and copyrighted to the event host, and can later be downloaded using your My Events page.

Ready to share some memories today?

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