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how to use Text Event Pics at your next event

Share Event Pics Easily Without an App

How to Use Text Event Pics at Your Next Event

Do yourself a favor and check out your work or personal e-mail right now. If your inbox isn’t already loaded with promotional messages from brands and services with your personal data, check out your “spam” or “junk” mail folders. You will be amazed at how many different services and brands have your personal and contact information once you have signed up for a service. For services that claim themselves to be “free”, this is what you are ultimately paying with: your data. This is, in part, why Text Event Pics was founded. Founder Ron Ginn wanted to provide an easy-to-use, free service that required no sign up or sharing of your personal data. This is a new concept to most, so here is a look at how to use Text Event Pics at your next event.

Make Your Guests Aware

First and foremost, an event host must make their guests aware that there is a special event phone number that they can text all their pictures to. Each event signed on with the service will be given a unique event phone number, which can either be saved for future use, or retired after the event. For corporations and businesses, we recommend saving your event phone number so that it can be used by your employees for all future business-related events. There is no sign up or app to download for your guests, which will make them more likely to participate in the service. One simple way to make guests aware of the service is by including the phone number and some simple instructions for participation in the invitations sent out for the event.

Show Your Guest’s Images

Once your guests have been made aware of the Text Event Pics service, it’s time to kick off the engagement between your guests. With Text Event Pics, you can easily stream your images live from the event. A large projector screen works great for displaying images for all of your guests to enjoy. Once your guests take notice that their photos are being shared live, engagement is bound to increase as everyone wants to take part in all the fun. Additionally, you can recap your event by creating a custom slideshow, with our simple URL and any web browser. In modern day, high-quality smartphone cameras can work to replace the use of hiring a professional photographer during your event. Not only are these images high-quality, they also are more candid and personalized coming from your guests, rather than a hired professional.

Share Your Images How You Choose

As mentioned previously, one of the main advantages of the Text Event Pics service is that you don’t have to give up your own personal data in return for the service. Not only is your personal information protected,  but your personal pictures are as well. This is especially important when holding corporate events. We know that business owners hold the privacy of their employees in the upmost importance and this is why your images are only available for your guests to see, after the event hosts’ approval. This way, the success of your event can be shared with guests and event stakeholders, without having your photos to be shared all over social media platforms for all to see. With Text Event Pics, all images are owned and copyrighted by the event host, and can be later downloaded by using your My Events page.

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