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How to Use Full Screen Settings

Giving a Successful Slideshow Presentation

How to Use Full Screen Settings

If you’ve checked out our guides to improving your photography skills, whether it be capturing moments during special events or simply snapping photos with your smartphone, you are bound to have an impressive library of images. However, it can be all too easy to capture all of these great moments, only to have these images stay within the confines of your computer or smartphone. A well constructed and thoughtful slideshow is a great way to share your best captures with friends and family, as you reflect and remember all the good times you’ve shared. Here are some simple tips for how to use full screen settings to create a compelling and technically flawless slideshow of your work.

Using Full Screen Mode: PC

To enter full screen mode with your Windows computer, press F11, or when using a laptop hold fn+F11. To prevent your computer from sleeping during your presentation, navigate to your settings menu, then select system, power and sleep, then change the settings. See the images below for a guide to completing these steps.

How to Use Full Screen Settings How to Use Full Screen Settings

Using Full Screen Mode: Mac

There are several options for entering full screen mode when using your Mac computer. One option is to click the green button located at the top left of your screen’s toolbar. Another option is to use the command key combination Cmd+Ctrl+F, or to navigate to the view menu, then to select enter full screen. The images below show how to navigate these menus.

How to Use Full Screen Settings

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