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Welcome to our Blog!

This blog is here for you, our members. With that in mind, we will keep our posts centered around you.

With our first Blog post we would like to thank the current members for using the service, and set some expectations for the type of posts you can expect.

In addition to special posts and announcements, this blog will cover topics such as…

– Tips & Tricks for getting the most out of at your event.
– Feedback we receive from our members. Your suggestions may turn into new features!
– Testimonials and interviews from members who use the service at their events.
– Guest posts from any members who would like to submit a blog post.
– Photos of the service live in action at member’s events who would like to share.

To kick us off, here are two photos showing the live slide show at their event.

We would like to thank Riger for sharing these photos with us. They are a great example of how an event can use the real time slide show on a big screen (two in this case) to engage the event’s attendees, making for a more interactive event experience.

400 person NY fundraiser 2

400 person NY fundraiser 1

We would also like to thank Riger for their kind comments about the service after the event…


The texting photo slideshow worked REALLY well on Thursday night. Thanks for all your help in this.

We’ll be sure to keep in mind for future events.

Take care,

We would like to thank Riger Marketing. Riger has used the TextEventPics service twice for an annual fundraising event with approximately 500 people in the Pocono Mountains PA.

We look forward to helping with future events!

The TextEventPics Team

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