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How is TEP
Useful for Events?

is used?

Do my guests need an App to use TextEventPics?

Absolutely not. One of many benefits of using TextEventPics is there is no App needed. All you need is texting capabilities. You will get so many more pictures because it is so user friendly, for all ages!

Why is TextEventPics better than hashtagging?

With hashtags, anybody can view your pictures or add new ones. Hashtags are open to the public. They are not private. Plus, you can’t download pictures from apps like Instagram. With TextEventPics you can download your pictures at anytime. You will have complete control of the photo gallery!

What if my event is a few months out? Is there a way to test your service in advance?

Yes! You can create a free trial gallery, and there is no credit card needed. After your trial, you can upgrade to a paid gallery and receive your private number before the event.

Does it cost extra money to download my pictures?

Nope. Download them as many times as you wish!

How should I share the event phone number with all of the guests?

Here a few suggestions for sharing the private event phone number with a larger party:

  • Display or hand out information cards around your event space
  • Add guests to your TextEventPics gallery and send out a group text message
  • Send out a group email

How do I share the photo gallery after my event?

Simply send your gallery’s webpage link (we will provide).

How do I download my entire TextEventPics gallery?

Click the ‘Download Entire Gallery’ button under the ‘Settings’ tab of your gallery. Then you’ll get email to download your entire gallery as a .zip file.

Is it possible to send text messages directly to gallery contributors?

Yep! You can send a text to everyone who contributed to the gallery, directly from within it. Just like sending a text from your phone, you can type out your message and hit send!

What is the Picture Approval process like?

You can ‘Require Approval’ for your gallery pictures to go live as they are being added. This will mean they need to be manually approved before being added to gallery, and the live slideshow if you are using one. You can do this as your event is taking place. To approve a picture via computer, simply click the green check button that shows up when hovering over an image. To approve via mobile just tap it. To un-approve a picture, click or tap the orange ‘X’ button to remove it from the gallery.

Am I able to text videos to the gallery as well?

Yes. TextEventPics will accept any video format that the mobile service providers will allow. But certain providers like AT&T convert their texted video to 3GP format, which is not supported for viewing in most browsers other than Apple’s Safari. It just depends on people’s providers and device. Video is not 100% supported, but you can always remove the ones that are not working.

How do I get my custom phone number?

After choosing the type of gallery you would like, you will land on a page where you can generate your gallery’s private phone number. Just enter the area code you would prefer to use and you will be presented with a list of available numbers.

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