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how to use Text Event Pics at your next event.

Why is Text Event Pics Useful for All Events?

How to Use Text Event Pics at Your Next Event

Simplicity. Ease of Use. Privacy. These are just three of the reasons why Text Event Pics is the best option for sharing images from your next event. From weddings to corporate events to family gatherings to everything in between, Text Event Pics can help to connect your guests by sharing images easily, without an app. For guests that are less tech-savvy, they will be thankful for the simplicity of texting in their images to your dedicated event phone number. Here’s a few steps for how to use Text Event Pics at your next event.

Inform Your Guests

The most important thing for you to do as an event host using Text Event Pics, is to make your guests aware of the service. After you sign up for your service, you will be provided with a unique event phone number. This phone number will be available within five minutes of signing up, and can either be saved and reused for future events, or retired after the event. For those planning on holding several events, such as corporations and businesses, saving your event phone number to reuse can streamline the process even further. There are no logins or downloads required of your guests to participate, making them more likely to use the service. Be sure to have your event phone number easily accessible so that everyone can join in on the fun!

Share Your Guests’ Images

Once your guests have been made aware of your unique event phone number, engagement will naturally follow. With Text Event Pics, you can easily stream your guests’ images from the event live, further encouraging engagement. Once your guests realize that it is their photos being displayed, more and more guests will want to get in on all the fun. You can also recap your event at the end of the night by creating a custom slideshow with the use our simple URL and any web browser. Another bonus of using Text Event Pics at your next event is that guests can use any phone with texting abilities, regardless of what type of phone that they have.

Protect Your Privacy

At Text Event Pics, we pride ourselves in selling a service, not your data. Not only is your personal information protected, but your personal images will be as well. This can be essential when holding corporate events, when employee privacy is at hand. As the event host, you will have the ability to approve all images before being available for your guests to see. This way, the success of your event can be shared with guests and several event stakeholders, without having your photos shared on public social media networks. By using Text Event Pics, all of your images will be owned and copyrighted by the event host. Once all of your images have been approved, your photos can be downloaded by using your My Events page.

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