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Plan a Successful Corporate Event

How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

5 Crucial Tips to Plan a Corporate Event

Ask any successful business owner what their most valuable resource is, and you will likely be met with the same response: their employees. Without quality, dedicated employees, an operation is incapable of thriving or progressing. Simply put, without employees, no work will get done. Quality corporate events provide an organization an opportunity to gather employees to establish a clear shared vision, share ideas and to express gratitude for employees’ hard work, creating loyalty and camaraderie in the workplace. To plan a successful corporate event, a few key steps must first be accomplished.

1. Have a Clear Goal Established

Every corporate event should have a clear goal in mind, with measurable results to present to stakeholders following the event. To achieve this, first meet with key business stakeholders to gather information and insight into what they would like to gain from the event. Goals may include: bringing a company together to analyze performance and set future goals, to collect innovative ideas from employees, to align multiple departments or to establish a company purpose. The first key to planning a successful corporate event, is to define “success” to those who matter most.

2. Choose an Appropriate Location

The very nature of a corporate event has the potential to be an awkward or uncomfortable occasion. Typically, employees from different departments or locations will be gathered together for the first time, often creating a stiff environment. Finding a convenient, accessible and vibrant location can help encourage engagement between event attendees. Bright, open areas that encourage the sharing of ideas and other interaction between guests are key to achieving an event’s goals. Additionally, attractive locations will lend themselves to photo opportunities, to later be shared with business stakeholders.

3. Create a Budget

When planning an event, consider all potential costs to avoid unwanted or last-minute expenditures. Sitting down to create a comprehensive list of all potential expenditures will save time, headache and money in the long run. Consider smaller elements such as pens, paper and flip charts that will need to be purchased to create a successful event. Other main factors in event cost include: payment to speakers or entertainment, printing costs for informational materials, AV equipment including projectors or staging sets, decorative elements, promotional costs, marketing costs, catering costs and event insurance when applicable.

4. Find a Keynote Speaker

One of the best ways to inject innovation and imagination into a corporation’s culture is by finding the perfect keynote speaker to inspire employees at an event. Researching relevant and upcoming successes in your corporation’s industry will spark conversations among employees that will lead to the sharing of new, fresh ideas. Any sort of entertainment provided on the day of the event should be documented and shared privately with the attendees of the event. This information should be kept as a priority to the corporation, and as a unique advantage to the business itself. You can do so by utilizing Text Event Pic’s services, sharing images with attendees is made easy using your unique event number. Simply text in images to the number to be shared with all those invited!

5. Maintain Privacy

Corporate events are a great opportunity to gather employees for brainstorming and the sharing of new and innovative ideas. These ideas should be held as valuable information unique to the corporation. Utilizing Text Event Pics will allow for the sharing of images from an event, while maintaining the privacy of your business and its employees. This private sharing will encourage the free sharing of ideas and engagement between attendees, furthering the goals of the event as a whole. Text Event Pics will never sell your data to third party entities, and the information you provide us with is stored on a secure server behind firewalls. These precautions are key when maintaining the safety and privacy of your valuable employees.

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