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Smartphone Battery Life

10 Hacks for Better Smartphone Battery Life

Simple Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

We’ve all had the moment of all-consuming panic: you’re awaiting an important phone call or text and your smartphone decides that it’s a good time to kick the dust. Sure, quick and convenient charging options like wireless chargers have made maintaining smartphone battery life easier than it has in the past, but for those constantly on-the-go, these devices aren’t as helpful as we’d like. Our smartphone are sophisticated devices, comprised of hardware sensors and processes that are working hard even when we aren’t using our phones, resulting in battery drain. However, there are a few simple solutions to help combat battery drain in your smartphone.

1. Auto-Brightness Isn’t Such a Bright Idea

When your phone is set to auto-brightness, it is constantly working to adjust to your environment to achieve the perfect screen brightness. Sure, this sounds like a great feature, but it is a major battery killer.

2. Airplane Mode Isn’t Just for Flying

Sure, we all know that this setting is part of proper flying etiquette, but switching your phone to airplane mode can be a major battery saver. If you’re in an area with poor reception, airplane mode can help save your phone from wasting battery while searching for reception that it most likely will never find. Need a battery boost in a flash? Switching your phone to airplane mode when charging greatly reduces charging time.

3. Facebook and Facebook Messenger Aren’t Your Battery’s Friend

Both applications for Facebook and Facebook Messenger are notorious for reeking havoc on your smartphone’s battery life. If you absolutely must use these apps on your phone, try downloading Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite to help save battery life. Better yet, access these platforms through your phone’s web browser to really buy some extra battery life.

4. Strip Down to the Basics

While picking out the perfect case or cover to fit your phone may be a blast for users who love to accessorize, these devices actually work to drain your phone’s battery life. Instead, go coverless or elect for a thin cover when picking out a case for your phone. Removing any sort of cover or case while charging or gaming will also greatly improve battery performance.

5. Cool Things Down

Allowing your phone to be exposed to excessive heat is a huge battery drainer. Users should always keep their smartphone from being exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time for a healthier battery life.

6. Keep it 100 (Or At Least 50)

It is recommended that users never store their smartphone if it has less than 50 percent battery life. Storing a phone without use at a battery life lower than this is simply not healthy for your device. It is also not recommended that smartphones be stored at 100 percent without any use for extended periods of time.

7. Take a Timeout

Now, we know that taking a break from your smartphone just isn’t an option for most people these days, especially those who rely on their device for business. However, lowering your device’s screen timeout can greatly improve battery life. Having your phone’s screen dim as soon as it is not in use is both simple and effective.

8. Black is Back

Selecting a black wallpaper or theme for your device will also greatly improve battery life. AMOLED screens turn off LEDs when displaying true black (hex code #000000), saving tons of battery life and providing a sleek look.

9. Wait to Sync

Turning off your background syncing will greatly extend your battery life. If you mostly utilize your device for business, we recommended setting your background syncing to every half hour or so. This way, you receive emails and other important messages in a timely manner without draining your battery.

10. Sound-Only Notifications are Your Best Friend

Your device’s vibration setting utilizes motors and electronic power to create a physical, mechanical vibration. Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? It is, and this is why your phone’s vibrate setting is bound to drain your battery long before the day is done.

While some smartphones on the market today may do better at conserving battery life than others, these simple tips can help ensure that your device’s battery will keep up with your busy workday. If your phone’s battery is already too far gone and you’re in the search of the perfect new smartphone, check out our guide to this year’s top devices here.

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