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The Event Planner's Gift Guide

Gift and Gadget Ideas for Your Favorite Event Planner

The Event Planner’s Gift Guide

Your favorite events professional may seem to have it all: charm, a balanced composure and organizational skills to kill. So what do you get the planner that always seems to have it all? While they may not need any help in the professional skills department, we’ve found some gifts and gadgets that may make their life just that little bit easier. Check out our event planner’s gift guide to find the perfect holiday surprise for your favorite planner.

Bullet Journals

The Event Planner's Gift Guide

This coded system established by Ryder Carroll has become all the rage for those needing an extra hand in the organizational department, and with good reason. This “bullet journal” is a notebook paired with a carefully developed coded system that creates the perfect organizational tool. This notebook can be filled with rapid logging using short sentences, including future logging, monthly logging, monthly task lists, daily logs and more. For the event professional always looking ahead to their next big gig, this tool is essential. This method is adaptable, requiring minimal effort, centralizing your process of organization without requiring technology.

Travel Coffee Cup

The Event Planner's Gift Guide

For the event professional that’s constantly on the go, staying caffeinated is a must. But for the professional that’s always on the run, disposable coffee cups and the cost of coffee to-go can quickly add up. You can help reduce waste while also saving money for by gifting this Yeti Rambler 14 oz. mug this season. This durable mug is perfect for those traveling from location to location for work, with a double-wall vacuum-insulated body that protects hands from hot or cold contents while keeping its contents well insulated. This way, you can set your coffee down to get the job done, then return to a warm mug!


The Event Planner's Gift Guide

It’s no secret that event planners need to be prepared for the unexpected at any given time. The OrbitKey is the perfect solution for those needing a variety of tools and gadgets while on the run. The OrbitKey is a compact multi-tool that can be fixed with gadgets including a bottle opener, hex wrench tool, box cutter, flat-head screwdriver, file and more! This simple tool is customizable and is small enough to slip into your pocket or bag. For those more tech-savvy planners, you can event ad a USB drive to the tool for easy access to documents and files!

Digital Pen

The Event Planner's Gift Guide

Planners are constantly subjected to special requests and fine details of events provided by clients. Keeping up with all of these demands can be tough, especially when a laptop or tablet isn’t available to type out all of the details. While a simple pen and paper can do the trick, loose papers can often get lost in the shuffle. A digital pen can provide the ease of analog note taking, while also digitizing your notes for added organization and safekeeping. Our favorite on the market is the Livescribe 3 Smartpen. This smartpen is easy to hold, with effortless syncing from the device to your smartphone or tablet after just a 30-second setup. The Livescribe app easily digitizes your handwriting and drawings, while also allowing for audio recordings using the app.


The Event Planner's Gift Guide

For event planners needing to showcase information, images or provide presentations for a client, a mini-projector or “pico projector” is a great solution. These compact, often handheld projects are great when you need to showcase file while on the show. This can be for clients, or for internal use, when showing your team the event rundown. These pico projectors can be attached to a smartphone, camera or tablet, and can be projected onto virtually any surface. If you have a smartphone and a wall, you’re ready to give your next presentation!

This mini projector from OTHA┬áis palm-sized, with a built-in battery that can be used freely without an electric plug. This projector provides vibrant color and sharp images, perfect for showcasing photographs from an event. This device can easily be paired with the use of Text Event Pics. After signing up for the service for an event, guests can text in their images to their unique event phone number. To increase engagement and generate more photos from the event, this mini projector can easily showcase a slideshow of these images, using any web browser. Now you can sit back and watch as your guests interact and enjoy each other’s memories and photos from the event without bulky equipment!

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