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Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone Photos

Tips for Great Fireworks Photos on Your Phone

6 Easy Tips for Perfect Fireworks Smartphone Photos!

Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone Photos

Are you sick of being bombarded with lackluster, fuzzy fireworks photos following the 4th of July? We are too. These easy tips for perfect firework smartphone photos will help you photograph the 4th like a pro. Just a few simple tips will make it possible to learn how to capture fireworks with your smartphone. 

1) Stabilize

Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone Photos

When shooting in low light, a long shutter speed must be utilized. However, this increases the chance of capturing motion blur in your photos. A tripod or even a stabilized selfie stick are your best bet when shooting with a long exposure time. If you don’t have any of these tools on hand, using an object like a chair or a tree can reduce your chance for motion blur. Smartphones with image stabilization are a good pick as well!


2) Switch to Landscape Mode

Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone Photos

By simply switching your device’s camera to landscape mode, your camera’s focus will be set to infinity, with a narrow lens opening. This means that everything in the foreground and the background will be in focus. This will help ensure that your images come out crisp, with the firework show in focus.


3) Find Your Location

Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone Photos

Finding your perfect firework watching spot is imperative to capturing the perfect moment this 4th of July. Look for a spot with a clear view of the show, free of buildings and other obstructions, where the fireworks can be your sole light source. Another key factor to keep in mind is to position yourself upwind from the fireworks. This will guarantee that your photographs are not masked by unsightly smoke blowing toward you from the ignited fireworks.


4) Turn Off HDR

Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone Photos

While this feature can be helpful in other shooting situations, it will actually inhibit your ability to photograph your favorite firework show. HDR slows down your camera, making it unstable for photographing rapidly moving objects like bursting fireworks. Additionally, it is key to learn the “lag” time of your phone’s camera, as must have some, in order to compensate and make sure you get the shot.




5) Fine Tune Your Settings

Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone Photos

A few other settings to consider when photographing the big firework show of your 4th are ISO and your camera’s flash. The ISO of your camera should be set to 100 or lower, in order to avoid overexposure from brightly flashing fireworks and to reduce the appearance of noise in your images. The flash should also be turned off, as it will want to automatically want to turn on shooting in low light. The flash on your smartphone is very weak and will not help you capture fireworks as shooting with a long shutter speed will.


6) Do Not Zoom

Tips for Perfect Firework Smartphone PhotosAlthough your instincts may tell you that it’s a good idea to zoom with your camera to better capture firework photographs, it’s far from it! Zooming will pixelate your images, making them grainy and lose their sharpness. Instead, shooting in a burst mode will allow you to pick the best images from a set of photographs captured at the same time with proper settings.


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