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Why Use Text Event Pics?

Why Secure Photo Sharing is Critical in 2018

Text Event Pics is a brand that can speak for everyone. Businesses all around the globe need to set aside time outside of the office to have fun and socialize, and it brings a great opportunity for wedding parties, anniversaries, reunions, or family gatherings to share their photos with each other privately. This is so beneficial because each guest can share all of their photos with without having to post every single one to a social media account for everyone to see. Text Event Pics is an easy and safe way to share your experience from an event the way you saw it. Most people today have a smartphone that they use to take photos with, which is why it’s so useful to be able to send one text and share a whole collection of images.

This experience doesn’t require an app, linked accounts, or the sacrifice of personal information. Each event receives a personalized phone number to text pictures to which will be available for two weeks. It then allows for each member to save and own the photos shared while still being able to control what is and is not published. A live slideshow can also be played so each member can view the compilation of photos as a memory to have forever. This is all done over a text regardless of the type of phone. Text Event Pics is a method of event sharing that is much more effective and beneficial than other ways because each member has access and ownership to all of the photos from an event without having to publish each one to their personal account. It’s perfect for large parties and gatherings because nobody will miss out on each memory experienced in different perspectives. Whether it’s for work, a wedding, reunion, anniversary, or birthday, Text Event Pics is the way to go.

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