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Three-Day Weekend Wedding

Three-Day Weekend Weddings

Saying “I Do” to Three-Day Weekend Wedding? Check Out These Pros and Cons

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or helping a loved one plan their special day, you’ve probably heard this phrase more than once: it’s over before you know it. Packing all of your wedding festivities into one single day can be a daunting task, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular for newly weds to elect for a three-day weekend wedding. An extended celebration can give your family, friends and other loved ones more time to spend commemorating your special day, with quality time to enjoy an action-packed weekend of fun. Here we have compiled some of the most important pros and cons of celebrating your special day over a three-day weekend.


One of the main advantages of planning a weekend wedding is that the party doesn’t have to end after just one day! Having an extended celebration allows your guests plenty of time to spend with their loved ones, and provides extra buffer time to allow for travel.

Three-day weekends typically line up with most professional work schedules, meaning that this can be a convenient time for guests to travel with the extra time off work. An extended weekend wedding allows for plenty of time for guests to become acquainted and more relaxed before the ceremony. Additionally, this gives plenty of time to organize fun local activities for guests to explore the area both before and after the ceremony.


Although a weekend wedding is great for maximizing time spent with your loved ones, there are some drawbacks as well. Three-day weekends typically mean that rates of accommodations and venues rise, while availability declines. With accommodations being harder to come by and more costly, it is imperative to provide your guests with plenty of time to prepare, plan and seek out the best deal possible when booking their stay. 

When planning a three-day weekend wedding, one must also consider that their special day is now going to be shared with a national or religious holiday that may overshadow your special day, or prevent some guests from attending. This is completely up to yourself and your partner to address, but it is a consideration when weighing the costs and benefits of a weekend wedding.

Tips for a Three-Day Weekend Wedding

Check Out Local Event Calendars

Popular three-day weekend wedding times including Memorial Day and Labor Day are bound to have some local events including concerts, firework shows and restaurant events that can impact plans for your wedding party. Whether you’re looking to avoid the crowds from these community events or you’re looking to join in on the fun, it’s important to be aware of what other events are planned on your special day.

Welcome Bags Go a Long Way

One tip recommended by several wedding planners is to have a welcome bag ready for guests upon their arrival. This welcome bag should include a printed itinerary of the weekend ahead for guests, local gifts, helpful advice for having fun in the area and a cool beverage for your guests to enjoy after their travels. A little appreciation for your guests can go a long way for building excitement for the fun-filled weekend ahead!

Start Out Slow

With the extra time available to you on a three-day weekend wedding, we recommend kicking off the weekend with a casual welcome party for all guests to attend. This low-pressure event should be planned a day or two before the wedding, with a laid-back tone and feel to allow guests to get acquainted with each over and more relaxed before the day of the ceremony. This opening celebration could be as simple as having a cocktail hour with drinks and tapas.

Give Your Guests Time to Plan

Taking an extended weekend off of work can be difficult for young professionals and parents, so allowing your guests plenty of time to make arrangements is key to the success of your wedding. It is recommended that save-the-dates are sent out six to eight months before the big day to allow your guests plenty of time to make arrangements. We also recommend that you provide guests with a general packing list to be prepared for all activities planned. Are you planning on hiking? Swimming? Hitting the town for some drinks? Your guests will need to know a guideline for a dress code for any unique events and activities that have planned.

You Don’t Have to Plan Every Moment

Part of the beauty of a three-day weekend wedding is that guests have more time to enjoy the location of the wedding. Although it’s key to provide your guests with fun activities to keep them entertained throughout the weekend, it’s also important to allow friends and loved ones some down time to enjoy and relax. Pencil in some down time between activities to give your guests some time to relax and explore on their own.

Plan a Farewell Brunch

One of the main advantages of a weekend wedding is that you and your spouse have time to send off guests properly after the ceremony. A farewell brunch is a great way to thank your guests and spend some last-minute quality time together before departing. This event could be planned for the morning or early afternoon following the ceremony, to give your guests some time to exchange goodbyes before returning home.

At the End of the Day, It’s All About the Memories

When it comes to planning your special day, pulling all of the details together can seem like an impossible task. From arranging a venue, to sorting out lodging, to crafting a guest list, finding the perfect dress, searching out the perfect caterer…well, you get the point. Planning a wedding requires an incredible amount of hard work and attention to detail. It’s important to remember that this special day is going to be of the most important of your life, and that documenting those memories is key.

The most simple and easy way to share the memories made on your special day is to text in your images to your unique event phone number using TextEventPics. Yourself, your photographer and your guests can all contribute to a private, secure online gallery created with this number. After all, your wedding day is all about making memories. Let us help you share them today!

Ready to share some memories today?

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