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Labor Day Party Ideas

Tricks & Tips to Revamp Your Labor Day

Labor Day marks the changing of seasons, as hot summer days fade to make way for crisp fall air. A weekend filled with cookouts, boat days and plenty of family fun, Labor Day is our one last summer fling before preparing to face the holiday season. Make your last summertime bash one to remember with these easy Labor Day party tips.

Rethink the Classics

Labor Day weekend is perhaps known best for it’s poolside bashes, days spent on the water and backyard barbecues. While we all love these long held traditions, there are countless ways to rethink the summertime BBQ classics! Sure, corn on the cob may be a delicious backyard snack, but this parmesan garlic corn is bound to impress guests and keep them coming back for seconds. As the summer season comes to a close, take advantage of the season’s offerings of fresh fruits and berries with this blueberry, strawberry and jicama salsa. Not only is this recipe simple, delicious and refreshing, this dish has some patriotic flair. The tones of red, white and blue from its ingredients make this innovative salsa a perfect centerpiece!

Stay Hydrated in Style

Long days spent poolside or out at the beach can leave you feeling dehydrated and drained this Labor Day. It’s important to beat the summer heat by making sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. A fun way to spice up your hydration is by creating these simple fruit ice cubes. Keep it simple by adding lemon or lime to your favorite poolside drink, or get creative with some more interesting combinations like mint and cucumber or lemon and sage. These prettied-up ice cubes not only make your drinks more tasty, they also make for a picture-perfect beverage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play

With cooler days approaching, Labor Day is the perfect time to get outside and get moving! Toss around a football, throw a frisbee or get a game of corn hole going to get all of your guests out of their seats and having fun. Not only do these games get your guests interacting and having fun, it’s a great way to capture key moments and record these memories being made.

Hit the Water this Weekend

If you’re wanting to escape the backyard and hit the open waters this Labor Day weekend, it’s important to bear some key safety tips in mind. Remember, the best holiday is a safe holiday!

Alcohol The rules for consuming alcohol while operating a boat is the same as operating a car, so ensure that you assign a designated driver before hitting the water. Alcohol consumption impairs your vision, balance, and reaction times, which are all essential to proper boat safety.

Life PreserversNot only are all passengers under the age of 13 required to wear a life preserver at all times, there must be a life preserver available to every passenger onboard to comply with current boating regulations. It is recommended by the United States Coast Guard that all passengers be wearing their life preservers at all times. An accident can leave even the strongest swimmers exhausted and disoriented, and once a life jacket is needed, it is oftentimes to late.

Float PlanIt is imperative to leave a detailed float plan with a friend or family member that will be staying onshore. This plan should include detailed information on where you are going and where you can be found on the boat throughout the day. This will allow friends and family time to react swiftly in the case of an emergency.

WeatherWhen out on the open ocean, changes in weather can create dangerous situations for boatings. It is important to stay updated on all weather events, using National Weather Forecasts ( for accurate and reliable updates.

Engine Cut-Off DeviceThis device used to shut off a boat’s engine in the case of an accident is essential to maintaining proper boat safety. This device is to be used if an operator or passenger of the boat falls overboard, keeping everyone on board safe from dangerous boat propellers.

Remember, it’s for the Memories!

Our last and most important bit of advice for having an amazing Labor Day weekend is to spend this time with family and friends. Make sure to have your smartphone or camera on hand to catch all the action. Check out how to improve your photos here with some easy smartphone photography tips. Capture and share all of your favorite moments from the big day by texting in your photos to your unique Text Event Pics phone number. Now you’re ready to start sharing and creating memories!

Ready to share some memories today?

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