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Wedding Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

From Refined Boho Romanticism to Revamped Classics, Here are the Best 2018 Fall & Winter Wedding Trends

When it comes to planning your special day, personalization and creativity is king. While a bride and groom may fret over planning the details of their wedding day, there are more vehicles to showcase a couple’s personality and share their love story than ever before. With endless sources of inspiration available to brides and grooms-to-be, it can be overwhelming to sort through this deluge of visual stimulus. Here we have compiled some of the best 2018 fall and winter wedding trends to look out for this coming season.

Revamped Florals

For this wedding season, be on the lookout for some bold, dynamic floral selections. With a focus on detail and texture, moody, colorful florals will be all the rage, highlighting all shades of purple. From wine to lilac, to lavender and mauve, these shades of purple can add a touch of drama and romanticism to any floral arrangement.

Another way to revamp your floral selection this fall is by incorporating more natural looking selections into your decor. For outdoor venues, potted plants are a great addition to aisle decor to incorporate your designs with the natural environment. Add a refined bohemian touch to a classic indoor venue with hanging floral installations, while using these accents to play on the highlights and viewpoints of your venue. Not only can these hanging installations add some dramatic flair, they will also save valuable table space for your guests.

One last floral trend to keep your eye out for in 2018 actually doesn’t involve florals at all! The addition of fresh fruits and citrus to floral displays are a great way to provide guests with a multi-sensory seasonal experience, as these fruits can be incorporated into dinner dishes as well. Citrus with ochre hues and deep tones including figs, grapes, and pomegranates make a lasting impact.

Bold Brides (Don’t Forget the Grooms, too.)

Weddings of 2018 will be all about refining tradition, while polishing the bohemian aesthetics that dominated 2017 for a more avant garde look and feel. As with revamped florals, we anticipate to see a focus on detail and texture in wedding gowns this fall. Super-sized ball gowns will be making their way from the runway to the aisle, pushing the concept of what a “traditional” wedding dress should be, with a modern take. These bold, ball gown silhouettes are shown in romantic, smokey jewel tones, with flowing trains and delicate ruffles to balance a bold color choice with classic details.

Another bold aesthetic popular with brides this season is the incorporation of dramatic accessories and accents. Sleeved silhouettes are not only practical for fall weddings and cooler temperatures, they can also add a sense of old-world romanticism to a bride’s gown. Forget the days of traditional veils, brides are now rethinking this classic detail by rocking sheer, lace and hooded capes. This more fashion-forward version of the veil is bound to make an appearance on the aisle this fall season.

Let’s not forget about the men! This season, we anticipate grooms to be making more bold choices in their wedding day dress as well. Grooms are forgoing the traditional black, navy, and grey suits to explore a wider variety of color and texture. Shades of burgundy, dark green, and mauve are what to keep an eye out for this season.

New Minimalism

Following an influx of bohemian accents and details in 2017, we anticipate to see a return to minimalism in wedding decor this fall, with a twist. Monochromatic schemes will be paired with sleek structures in open environments to give a refined, elegant feel to the special day. One particular accent to be on the lookout for is transparent elements, in both settings and decor. These see-through settings are modern and minimalist, great for highlighting natural light sources while providing an open and airy feel to an event. Another trend is to declutter your reception with the addition of natural elements. Make your guests feel more at ease by skipping the table cloth all together for a more organic and monochromatic look, utilizing warm chestnut and maple to create cozy wooden banquet style tables for your dinner and cocktail hour. These settings are just begging for the addition of dramatic fall foliage and florals to tie together the room.

A Focus on Experience

After experiencing an influx of “mega-weddings” in recent years, couples are opting for smaller wedding parties to provide guests with a more memorable experience on their special day. Small wedding parties provide a more intimate and stream-lined feel to the day, while allowing couples to reallocate funds to more extravagant entertainment for guests. Sketch artists, tarot card readers, and performers are slowly replacing or being added to the traditional entertainment of live bands or DJs for a more memorable, immersive experience.

While it can be easy for a bride and groom to get bogged down in planning the details of their special day, it is important to always bear in mind that no matter what, this will be one of the most memorable day of your lives, and possible your guests’ lives. Capturing all of the memories made on your special day is key, for these images are what you will show generations to come when sharing the story of your wedding day. Share all of your memories privately and easily by texting in your images to your unique event number. Your guests will love having access to all the images from your special day, without the mess of exchanging phone numbers with other guests to share their photos. This way, your wedding attendees will have all images available in one place, at their fingertips.

Ready to share some memories today?

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