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Technology Trends for Every Event Planner

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Technology Trends Every Event Planner Should Know

With 2019 on the horizon, it’s time to start planning for how to make this upcoming year’s worth of events better than the last. As the event landscape begins to change and improve, planners are faced with the challenge of meeting clients’ and attendees’ rising expectations. Luckily, marketers and planners can utilize new trends in event technology to do just this. Here are a few technology trends for every event planner to know.

Encourage Unique Engagement

One of the main advantages of introducing tech into your upcoming events this year is that these tools can help to increase audience engagement. This engagement will also give attendees a more informative and enjoyable user experience during the event. A recent study found that 62% of clients of corporate event planners are most concerned with having new ideas introduced to their events. Conversely, 55% of attendees rank event personalization features as being either “very important” or “extremely important”.

Provide a Live Experience

Bearing these statistics in mind, it’s clear to see both event clients and attendees are seeking new, engaging experiences. This is why 84% of marketers say that attendee engagement solutions are the biggest trend in maximizing event success. Text Event Pics is a perfect solution for satisfying both client and attendee demands during an event.

With Text Event Pics, attendees can easily text in their images from an event to their unique event phone number. It is imperative that guests are aware of the service and their unique number, which could be displayed throughout the event or on event invitations. Once guests are aware of the service, it’s time for everyone to join in on all the fun!

Let Your Guests Personalize the Event

Guests can personalize their event experience by snapping photos and recording their favorite moments. Once these images have been sent in to their event phone number, an event host or planner can then display these images live for all guests to enjoy. Having a compact, portable projector on hand as a planner is a great solution for displaying these images on the go or in areas with limited space. Guests can now engage with one another by viewing their favorite images together and finding more moments to capture.

Studies show that event technology adoption can increase event attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27% and can decrease costs by as much as 30%. By using Text Event Pics, you are not only increasing engagement with a live, personalized experience, you can also cut costs. Your guests’ photos can serve as a substitution for professional photography, cutting the cost of hiring an outside party for this service.

Make a Lasting Impression

Once the event has come to and end, your guests’ images can be complied into an event slideshow using any web browser and our simple URL. This slideshow can later be sent to clients, attendees and stakeholders to showcase the success of the event and further engagement. Without any signups, logins, or social networks, your attendees can relive their favorite memories from the event for weeks and years to come.

Ready to share some memories today?

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