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Perfect Halloween Party

Throw the ultimate Halloween Party 2020

How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party

‘Tis the season for creepy crawly fake spiders and pumpkin-themed everything, but this isn’t a reason why you can’t revamp your Halloween bash with a dash of style! Step up your game from the typical fall decorations with unique tablescapes, refined decorations and fun-loving games for both adults and children alike to enjoy this holiday. Here is your guide for how to throw the perfect Halloween party!

Revamp Classic Snacks With a Spooky Twist

Perfect Halloween Party

It’s no secret that the Halloween season is a time for us to indulge in some sweet treats. One way to set your party apart is to rethink some classic snacks. One of our favorites this season are these fabulous Fanta Jack-o-Lantern floats! With creamy vanilla ice cream and tangy orange soda, this seasonal sipper is bound to impress the kids this Halloween.

Think Beyond Orange and Black

Perfect Halloween Party

While the combination or sinister black and vibrant orange decorations are classic to the Halloween season, you can refine the overall look of your party by expanding on this palette. Florals in dark shades of red and purple can not only add an air of sophistication to your table settings, they can also set the mood for a spooky evening. Take this concept one step further with these easy pumpkin floral displays to keep on theme for your party.

Theme Your Bar

Perfect Halloween Party

Once the Halloween season draws nearer, keep your eyes peeled for unique bottles and decanters, on grocery shelves and in local thrift or antique stores. These pieces are a great way to revamp your party’s bar station, creating picture perfect cocktails for guests. Adding creepy labels to these containers will take your beverage selection from simple to spooky in one simple step. Share the fun with the kids and those opting for alcohol-free beverages by providing a spooky ice cube selection. Simply add plastic spiders, eyeballs or other Halloween-themed trinkets to your ice cube tray to create some eye-catching drinks!

Get up and Moving!

Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most carefree holidays of the year, and should be treated as such! There is no better way to break down barriers and get guests feeling relaxed and silly than by preparing some holiday-themed games for all to enjoy. For the kids, we suggest a monster mash free dance showdown! Have your guests join each other on the dance floor, shaking their spooky booties until the music stops. If you can’t stop in time, you’re out! Reward the last monster masher standing with a special sweet treat or a Halloween-themed trophy to commemorate their dancing skills. Another great option is a telephone ghost story. Similar to the game “telephone”, where participants line up to relay a story from one guest to another, add a creepy component to your story and see just how silly and distorted your story will get once it reaches your final listener.

End the Night With Goodie Bags

Perfect Halloween Party

To keep with the Halloween tradition of candy munching and sweets snacking, a great way to end the night is by giving parting guests a goodie bag filled with treats. Not only will this help guests remember your bash, adults that have outgrown the trick-or-treating phase in their life will love it! For those kids who weren’t able to make it trick-or-treating themselves, a goodie bag can help them enjoy the fun just like everybody else.

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