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Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt – City of San Ramon – City of San Ramon

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The Scarecrow Hunt is now live at Central Park until October 31st.
We are excited to announce the return of the 3rd Annual Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt to Central Park. Scarecrows have popped up around Central Park from October 21st – October 31st, 2022.
The Scavenger Hunt is powered by the GooseChase App. Simply download the GooseChase App and enter the code WPV4PL. This is a downloadable and interactive app that will be used to help with your Hunt. 
Scarecrows are donated by local San Ramon businesses, agencies, and individuals and are hidden throughout Central Park for the community to walk around and find. Each Scarecrow will have a placard next to it indicating who the scarecrow was donated by. Scan the QR code next to each Scarecrow to learn more! 
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Thank you to our sponsor for this event, ACI and to the other businesses and departments who have contributed a Scarecrow this year! 
>> For more information email the Scarecrow Team at <<
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Examples of Scarecrows from 2020 & 2021:
Minions Scarecrow
Windmill Farms Scarecrow Chewbacca Scarecrow
Cousin It Scarecrow King of Halloween Town Scarecrow
Happy Hunting!
Will GooseChase sell my personal information to third parties? 
No. GooseChase does not sell your personal information to third parties. However, if you are still concerned about your personal information, you may add to the game as a guest which only requires the creation of a username.
What happens to the content generated from the event?
Content generated from this event will be downloaded by The City of San Ramon at the conclusion of the event for future marketing endeavors as well as for the use of creating a wrap up reel to highlight the community fun. By participating in the event you are giving The City of San Ramon permission to use this material for those purposes.
Playing as a guest vs. Creating an account.
The Play as Guest option allows users to play without the need to create a GooseChase account. When players select this option, they will be taken directly to the Join a Game window and prompted to find their game by name or game code in order to find and join a game as usual. This is the fastest way for players to join a game and get started. Note that after a player joins their game, they will still need to select or create a new team or player profile for that game, as this is different step than signing in to the GooseChase App. 
When a player chooses the Play as Guest option, their game activity is only saved to their mobile device, and will not be saved to an online account. This game activity will be deleted if they uninstall the GooseChase app from their device or reset the app from the settings menu. 
Can I delete my account?
Yes, you may delete your account at any time.
What are the different types of “missions” (aka: challenges)?
There are three different mission types in the game. Photo, Video, and Text. The mission will let you know which type of proof you will be submitting to complete it. This is an interactive event. Have fun and get creative!
I don’t understand this mission. How do I find the scarecrow?
Each mission will have clues as to what you may be looking for or where. The clue may be a key word or a reference to pop culture, or a line from a movie. Some missions will even have a photo clue or a video accompanied with it. At the very least, if you are unable to figure out the clue, each scarecrow is numbered. Find the scarecrow with that number and complete the mission.

Is everything free?
YES! The San Ramon Parks and Community Services Department is offering this event powered by the GooseChase app to make this scavenger hunt totally free and open to anyone to join for any period of time during the course of the event. Your level of commitment is entirely up to you!
Can we wear our awesome costumes?
Yes, please! Have fun. 
Is this event kid friendly?
Yes! We created this event so that children could do something fun to celebrate Halloween with their families. Get out to the park and wear your costume! Children should be accompanied by an adult. Please keep an eye on your children as the scavenger hunt highlights parts of the park with foot traffic as well as park features.
Can I do the scavenger hunt from home?
No, you must participate in this scavenger hunt at Central Park. Central Park is located at 12501 Alcosta Blvd.
Do I need to do the missions in the order they appear in the app? 
NO, you do not need to follow the exact order. Feel free to do reverse order, or break it up into chunks to accomplish at your convenience throughout the week. The app does attempt to randomize the list order for different groups to assist with social distancing.
What are the prizes? 
Pride! Sense of accomplishment. Fun!
A scarecrow is damaged or missing. Who do I contact?
We would like to provide a comparable experience for all. Please contact Recreation Coordinator, Amanda Tugwell, at if you see a damaged or missing scarecrow.
Can a participant be removed from the game?
Yes. This is a family oriented community event. We expect all participants to obey rules of the park and display consideration for others. Submissions that do not align with the spirit of the event respectfully, will be removed.

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