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Event Photo Sharing

This term ‘Event Photo Sharing‘ has been a very popular search vehicle for us and covers so many areas including: Weddings, private parties, graduation ceremonies, corporate events and yes, even end of life celebrations.  Our platform covers all of the event bases!

In 2020 the entire event planning landscape changed and has entered a new chapter, incorporating all kinds of great new technology to enable and heighten the  engaging power of community, but in a private and socially responsible way.  The ability to text in a picture to a private event phone number has been a major differentiator for so many of our customers and we are very proud to be able to deliver this great service.

Party Pics
Event Photo Sharing

Many of our customers have also enjoyed the ability for their guests to partake in the event and not even been in the same city or state!  What?  Yes! 

Your guests don’t even have to be in the same location to enjoy your private (now optionally virtual) event. All your guests need is a cell phone and imagination, they suddenly have the ability to be your event photographer and capture all of the fantastic pics from their own vantage point.

We challenge you to become THE PARTY OF THE YEAR and deliver an incredibly immersive and engaging experience for your party guests.  TextEventPics can help you deliver this and so much more!

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