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Covid Wedding?

It is unfortunate that with Covid still in our daily lives, it has impacted so many weddings and special events.

But does it really have to?

In this wonderful world of digital technology, we have choices and one of them is TextEventPics.

Not only do we offer a world class platform for your events, you also get:

  • 24/7 access to your account and all of your great pics
  • No app for anyone to install or set up
  • World class and state of the art technology providing a great experience
  • Safe and secure picture storage
  • Event experts ready to help you plan your special day
  • Easily view and order products with your special pictures embossed
  • 100% control over your event’s content and ability to block guests who abuse the service
  • Your guests don’t even have to be at the event in order to participate, they get to experience the slide show fun from anywhere
  • The host can manually upload unlimited pictures
  • Your guests will see the great pictures on their phone and on the media device at your event
  • We automatically compress your pictures to zip files for easy download
  • Seamless viewing and ordering of your pictures on a wide variety of products
  • Privacy, knowing that your pictures are not broadcast all over the internet
  • Optionally keep your phone number forever
  • Easy integrations with organizations who want their pictures and digital assets instantly sent to their organization
  • For sporting or company events, we offer amazing revenue generating opportunities to upload your own sponsor’s images and logos

Register today for your free account and learn more about this amazing event photo sharing service.

Visit us today!


Ready to share some memories today?

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