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race season

Capturing Race Day

Sharing Images from Running Events

As the seasons begin to change and cool fall weather draws nearer, visions of golden-brown turkeys, ruby red cranberry sauce and stuffing toasted to perfection dance in our heads. Well, some of our heads. For other, more athletically inclined individuals, the changing of the seasons means one thing: race season! With cooler temperatures and more mild conditions, fall and winter can be a runner’s paradise. Check out some of our best tips for photographing running events below! 

Location is Key

When photographing a racing event, it is imperative to find a location in which you can photograph runners where the sun is positioned behind, rather than in front of your subjects. Not only will this produce inviting, warmly lit images, this will also avoid squinting expressions from your subjects. Keep an eye out for major points of accomplishments throughout the race route to capture the most emotional moments of the event. This would include the excitement of runners at the starting line, runners as they reach the top of any hills throughout the route, and, of course, the finish line!

Use a Fast Shutter Speed

Whether shooting with your DSLR camera or your smartphone, it is important to utilize a fast shutter speed when photographing runners. This will ensure the elimination or reduction of motion blur in your images. A skilled photographer can shoot at a shutter speed of 1/60 with minimal to no motion blur, but it is recommended to shoot at 1/500 to be able to capture quality images of fast runners.


Use Burst Mode

To ensure that none of the pivotal moments of a race are missed, it is important to use your camera’s “burst mode” when shooting. This feature is available in most modern smartphones, and is also a setting that can be changed to your preference on your DSLR camera.


Don’t Forget About the Details

While the hustle and bustle of a busy race day may draw your attention exclusively to the runners, it is important to capture the feel of the event as a whole. A great way to do this is by capturing the details that give an event character. This could mean photographing the crowd of onlookers watching runners race by, or shooting the colorful kicks that racers are sporting for the event. It is these detail shots that will provide viewers a comprehensive image of what the event was like!


Keep it Simple With Text Event Pics

Undertaking any sort of race, whether it be a full marathon, half marathon, 10K or 5K, is a great accomplishment for all participants. Whether you’re leading the pack or bringing up the rear as one of the event’s final finishers, this is an accomplishment that athletes will want documented for the future. Mainstream media outlets that cover racing events often shoot thousands of photos, with little to no editing or artistic consideration. Racers are left sorting through countless low quality images in hopes of finding an image that captured their special day. With Text Event Pics, you can simply text in your images to your unique event phone number, to be shared with whoever you please. Not only does this streamline the process of sharing images, it also ensures both the shooter and the subject’s privacy.

Interested in Finding an Upcoming Race Near You?
Check Out or Comprehensive Schedule Below!

September 15:

Air Force Marathon & Half Marathon

Dayton, Ohio

September 16:

Omaha Marathon & Half Marathon

Omaha, Nebraska

September 16:

Rock ’n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 23:

Quad Cities Marathon & Half Marathon

Moline, Illinois

September 29:

New Hampshire Marathon & Half Marathon at Newfound Lake

Bristol, New Hampshire

September 29:

Akron Marathon & Half Marathon

Akron, Ohio

September 29:

Hamptons Marathon & Half Marathon

Southampton, New York

September 30:

Maine Marathon & Half Marathon

Portland, Maine

September 30:

Wineglass Marathon & Half Marathon

Corning, New York

October 6:

St. George Marathon

St. George, Utah

October 7:

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 7:

Twin Cities Marathon

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

October 7:

Army Ten-Miler

Washington, District Of Columbia

October 7:

Portland Marathon & Half Marathon

Portland, Oregon

October 7:

Chicago Marathon

Chicago, Illinois

October 7:

Steamtown Marathon

Steamtown, Pennsylvania

October 7:

Victoria Marathon

Victoria, BC, Canada

October 13:

Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon

Hartford, Connecticut

October 14:

Mount Desert Island Marathon & Half Marathon

Bar Harbor, Maine

October 14:

Quebec City Marathon & Half Marathon

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

October 19-20:

Runner’s World Half & Festival

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

October 21:

Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon

Columbus, Ohio

October 21:

Des Moines Marathon & Half Marathon

Des Moines, Iowa

October 21:

Detroit Marathon & Half Marathon

Detroit, Michigan

October 21:

Grand Rapids Marathon & Half Marathon

Grand Rapids, Michigan

October 21:

Runner’s World Half & Festival

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

October 27:

Wicked 10K & Monster Mile

Virginia Beach, Virginia

October 28:

Marine Corps Marathon

Arlington, Virginia

October 28:

Cape Cod Marathon & Relay

Falmouth, Massachusetts

November 3:

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon & Half Marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

November 4:

New York City Marathon

New York, New York

November 4:

City of Santa Clarita Marathon & Half Marathon

Santa Clarita, California

November 4:

Hot Chocolate 15K & 5K

Chicago, Illinois

November 10:

Richmond Marathon & Half Marathon

Richmond, Virginia

November 11:

Monterey Bay Half Marathon

Monterey, California

November 11:

Pensacola Marathon & Half Marathon

Pensacola, Florida

November 11:

Rock ’n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon

Las Vegas, Nevada

November 17:

Philadelphia Half Marathon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 18:

Route 66 Marathon & Half Marathon

Tulsa, Oklahoma

November 18:

Philadelphia Marathon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 22:

Manchester Road Race

Manchester, Connecticut

November 22:

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

San Jose, California

November 25:

Seattle Marathon & Half Marathon

Seattle, Washington

November 25:

Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon

Cocoa Beach, Florida

December 2018

December 1:

Memphis Marathon & Half Marathon

Memphis, Tennessee

December 2:

California International Marathon

Sacramento, California

December 2:

Rock ’n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon & Half Marathon

San Antonio, Texas

December 8:

Kiawah Island Marathon & Half Marathon

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

December 8:

Rocket City Marathon

Huntsville, Alabama

December 31:

NYRR Midnight Run

New York, New York

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