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Bruce Springsteen Takes a Hard Fall Onstage During Performance – AOL

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"I'm Goin' Down" has a whole new meaning for Bruce Springsteen. The 73-year-old rock star took a hard spill over the weekend during a concert with the E Street Band in Amsterdam, and he laughed it off with a classic rock star line: "Good night, everybody!"
Springsteen was in the middle of performing the 2020 track "Ghosts" off his Letter to You album, and while taking a couple of steps back on to the stage, he misjudged his step and took a tumble. In video shared on social media, Springsteen can be seen using his left hand — still holding on to the mic — to break his fall.
Springsteen managed to do no harm to the guitar he held in his right hand. After falling down, he rolled on to his back, unhooked the guitar off his arm and sat up before a member of the band and a crew member helped him back to his feet.
He took the spill in stride, and it's obvious when he decides to go full limp as a crew member carries him up. After a deep breath, Springsteen brings the mic up to his mouth and shouts, "Good night, everybody!" while sarcastically waving.
The crowd got a kick out of Springsteen's reaction. He eventually got back on the main stage and grabbed his guitar.
Thank goodness nothing happened to Bruce Springsteen when he fell on stage last night🇳🇱 – May 27,
— HellesBruceCorner (@JustMyBSCorner) May 28, 2023
Springsteen is in the middle of his European leg tour. He'll be across the pond until July 25. Near the end of April, Michelle Obama and actress Kate Capshaw (who is married to Steven Spielberg) joined Springsteen's wife, Patti Scialfa, onstage at Olympic Stadium in Barcelona to perform backup vocals for "Glory Days."
In the video, Obama and Capshaw were seen smiling and having a blast while keeping a steady beat with hand tambourines.
While the trio was on one side of the stage, Springsteen could be seen jamming out on his guitar and singing alongside Steven Van Zandt. Earlier that week, President Barack Obama, Spielberg and their spouses joined Springsteen and his wife for dinner and, naturally, they attracted big crowds.
The former president and Springsteen go way back to before his days in the Oval Office, when he was still a relatively unknown state senator in Illinois. Fast forward past his two terms in the White House, Obama and Springsteen would launch the Renegades: Born in the USA podcast, in which they talked about their friendship, lives, music and enduring love of America.
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