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Disposable Cameras

Text Event Pics vs. Old School

Out with the old, in with..your smart phone.

Disposable cameras are expensive, hard to develop and even harder to keep track of at large events.

Gone are the days of blurry, out-of-focus selfies unknown to the viewer until weeks later. Cell phones have virtually replaced cameras, and now have the ability to capture moments you could only pay a professional for. And while professional photographers are still wonderful to have for those very special moments, sometimes the behind the scenes taken from the perspective of your guests can be even more memorable.

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What Does Privacy Mean, Anyways?

Privacy can have many meanings in 2018, which has been demonstrated and brought to light with the recent news regarding the collection and distribution of data with entities such as Facebook. But Facebook is not the only one capitalizing on this data. Many apps on the market require agreement to terms of service that are not in your best interest, which is how we began the concept and development of Text Event Pics.

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Photo Sharing

Text-Based Photo Sharing Meets Demand for Privacy

Text Event Pics Makes Event Photo Sharing Safe through Copyrighted, Secure Data

Following the wake of recent major global data breaches, a unique photo sharing solution has emerged to offer secure services built on the basis of privacy.

Text Event Pics was designed to capture event photos with the simplicity of a phone number and share secure data outside of social networks. Designed to be used without an app, the text-based service assigns groups and events a unique phone number which attendees may “text event pics” to, in a secure online browser that may be live-streamed and instantly viewed at events for shared engagement.

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Do the Math: Smartphones + Photos = Text Event Pics

There are 2.53 Billion Smartphone Users in the World.

And chances are likely that you are one of them.

Text Event Pics is a brand that can speak for everyone, because nowadays, most people utilize a smartphone. Take that into consideration along with events and gatherings. Businesses all around the globe need to set aside time outside of the office to have fun and socialize, and it brings a great opportunity for wedding parties, anniversaries, reunions or family gatherings result in tons of photos ready to share with the rest of the gang. Text Event Pics allows guests to share their photos with each other privately, with photos and data owned by you. We have developed this service so guests can share cherished memories without having to post every single one to a social media account for the world – and data miners – to see.

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