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What should you bring with you to CMA Fest? We asked some … – News Channel 5 Nashville

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — When you attend CMA Fest, it doesn’t take long to realize there are essentially two types of people: the haves and the have not . . . forgotten to bring everything they own.
“Keys, a clip, and then I got my license and money for drinks,” said Marcie Reese, a Nashvillian that comes every year to CMA Fest.
“Lipstick is good for not chapped lips and looking good for the day, and then the cash is for all my party later on — buying some T-shirts,” said Sue Plahm, who was visiting from Chicago.
“Let’s see what else is in here. Sunglasses that I don’t have on. Hair ties if you get hot, you want to put that up,” said Victory Neal, from Memphis.
With CMA Fest’s clear bag policy, spotting the difference between prepared and pack rat has gotten so much easier.
“I brought some contacts and some sun lotion,” added Plahm. “Next year, I’ll probably bring a jacket or a sweater for later on tonight.”
Marcie and her mom have a different strategy — bring bags, mostly empty — so you can fill it with all the free stuff.
“Free from the Bachelorette tent. If anyone needs a free plastic bag — I mean it’s cute. And then we got a free hat. Isn’t this beautiful?” said Reese.
The trick is not overdoing the amount of free stuff you snag. We asked Reese if it was easy to overfill those bags.
“Pretty quickly, but it’s fine. It’s CMA Fest,” she said.
Of course, not everyone has packed everything but the kitchen sink.
“Cell phone, ID, cash and a credit card. What more do you need?” said Luke Buzak, who hails from Canada.
“My phone to video this awesome event,” said Megan Buzak, Luke’s wife.
That’s a bold strategy until you land in a situation where you need something.
“That’s a great bag but you can’t put things in there — you know — I wanna collect T-shirts and freebies,” said Plahm.
CMA Fest continues Saturday and Sunday. Just a reminder, all of the activities outdoors during the day are completely free to attend.

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