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hot January events

The Best Festivals From Around the Globe to Heat Up Your Season 

Hot January Events to Warm up to Around the World

Although the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has come to a close, there’s no need to end the fun there! The start of 2019 is packed with hot January events all around the globe. From all-night drum performances in Spain to shopping sprees in Dubai, the opportunities for entertainment are endless. Now let’s explore how to add some excitement to your winter with these hot January events to warm you up this season from all around the world!

Hot Events With Endless Inspiration

Event planning professionals live an exciting life filled with endless challenges and rewards. As time goes on and the landscape of the entertainment field begins to shift and improve, planners are required to meet the rising expectations of both clients and attendees. One of these main expectations is to create events is to continue to raise the bar for innovation and entertainment. A recent study found that 62% of clients of corporate event planners are most concerned with having new ideas introduced to their events. What better way to search out some event planning inspiration this winter season than by exploring some of these hot January events?

The Dubai Shopping Festival 

hot January events A favorite among shopping lovers, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is held from December 26 until February 2, 2019. Ring in the new year by exploring one-of-a-kind outdoor markets in this immersive retail experience. This festival features flash mobs, mega sales, and rewards for visitors and locals alike during this world-class event. As your making your way through indoor and outdoor markets, be prepared for live entertainment, including pop-up fashion shows featuring the latest styles!


hot January events The Mardi-Gras of the Philippines, this vibrant celebration is bound to make for an event to remember! For a week straight from morning until night, the streets of Kalibo will be filled with street parties, parades, singing, dancing, face painting, masquerade balls and more. From January 10 to January 19, streets across the country will be filled with bright and colorful costumes, giant floats and street dancing. Don’t feel shy during this vibrant affair! Locals and visitors alike are encouraged and welcomed to join in on all the fun and lively street dancing.

Jaipur Kite Festival

hot January events Take to the skies this winter by joining on the annual Jaipur Kite Festival held in Jaipur, India. During this age-old event, citizens and visitors are invited to sail vibrant kites at the capital city stadium. During the event, kites will fill the sky, paired with kite markets, performances made by illuminated kites and tasty food trucks. This year’s event will be held on January 15, and is all about fun and frolicking in the sun. For those more serious about their kite-flying skills, you can join the Kite War held during the festival, there’s even some cash prizes to be won!

La Tamborrada

hot January events Ring in the new year with the best of streets full of drums with La Tamborrada, the annual festival held in San Sebastian, Spain. During this 24 hour event, drum corp members will march and play in unison non-stop from midnight to midnight, January 19 to January 20. This festival is held every 20th of January, to celebrate and honor San Sebastian’s patron saint of Donostia. Each year, the event is kicked off as the city flag is raised in the Plaza de la Constitucion. Now let the drums roll!

Sundance Film Festival

hot January Events Although this event may not have the pizazz of international travel, it’s featured works can take you around the world! (Not to mention that it can give you some great inspo for planning viewing parties and other media-related events.) Held in Utah, this event was first established by the Sundance Institute in 1985 to showcase American and international independent films. Showings are flooded with Hollywood and undiscovered stars, adding some prestige to the streets of Utah. During the event, dramatic and documentary features, short films, series content and makings from the New Frontier category (multimedia works and performance art pieces) will be displayed for your viewing pleasure.

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