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The average bachelorette party now costs $10,800 – Business Insider

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Gone are the days of a bachelorette party being a simple night out on the town with the possible karaoke bar excursion.
Bachelorette parties have become extravagant multi-day trips — complete with goat yoga and pontoon saloons — and the average one now costs a total of $10,800, according to Bach, an app made to help people plan bachelorette parties and group travel.
The company looked at more than 100,000 bachelorette trips planned on its app for this 2023 and found that the costs of bachelorette parties are on the rise, up 40% from an average of $7,700 two years ago. With an average party size of nine, the typical bachelorette attendee is now spending $1,200 per party.
“Over the past two years, people have gotten more flexible,” Mike Petrakis, the founder and CEO of Bach, told Insider. “They are saying, ‘I don’t want to be stuck in my house; I want to go on a fun trip; I want to live my life.'”
The flexibility of remote work and desire to get away has translated into longer — and thus more expensive — trips. According to data from Bach, the average bachelorette party now spans 2.8 days, up from 2.6 days one year ago. That translates into a long weekend starting on a Thursday evening in locals like Nashville and Miami, which are among Bach’s most popular destinations.
Petrakis also pointed to generational differences: Young people now, namely millennials, prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than things — and they are willing to spend a lot. According to a 2022 Fidelity Investments study, 45% of people aged 18 to 35 “don’t see a point in saving” until they are in a fully “normal,” post-pandemic world. 
From a $1,400″ pink party barge” in Scottsdale, Arizona, to $600 astrology sessions in Las Vegas, these experiences are often costly, and Petrakis said he’s seeing users spend more on activities and making cuts in areas like accommodations.
The average bachelorette party attendee is spending $400 on experiences, per Bach, and about $300 on their flight and $300 on accommodations.
The extra spending contributes to what one may call the larger bachelorette-industrial complex. 
Earlier this month, Bach app announced a $9 million Series A funding round, after raising a $8 million Seed round less than a year ago. And a bevy of small businesses — from the hunky Cabana Boys of Scottsdale to Nashville’s Honky Tonk Party Express — have popped up to serve the bachelorette parties visiting these cities.
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