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Sober Guide: 10 Fun Things to Do in Nashville if You Don't Drink –

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Nashville, Tennessee has garnered the nickname Nash-Vegas over the years thanks to all of the Las Vegas-level of wild and often drunken debauchery found on Broadway, sometimes referred to as the Honky Tonk Highway.
Broadway is a popular destination for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and just about any other reason to drink, dance, and party. That area has a massive appeal and on just about any night of the week you can find music blaring from a DJ, a live band, or even karaoke from one of the bars. There are tons of shops, boutiques, and souvenir shops to boot too. But what if drinking and partying like that isn't your scene?
I get it. Before I took my last drink, I had a few experiences on that street and they were… fun… for that time in my life and the person that I was back then. The hangovers weren't as much fun though. I am ten years sober now and that kind of nightlife just isn't my style. I do still enjoy live music, and I love karaoke with friends, but not in that type of environment. I'm a lot more low-key now.
So what is there to do in Nash-Vegas if you aren't a drinker or are looking for something to do with your kids, family, or maybe your momma? Nashville actually offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors who don't drink alcohol. Here are ten cool and unique things to do and see during your next visit to Music City:
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: Explore the rich history and cultural significance of country music through exhibits, interactive displays, and memorabilia.
Cheekwood Estate and Gardens: Visit this stunning botanical garden and art museum, featuring beautiful landscapes, art installations, and seasonal events.
Grand Ole Opry: Experience the world-famous country music venue with live performances that showcase the best of the genre.
The Parthenon: Discover a full-scale replica of the ancient Greek Parthenon, which houses an art gallery and stands as a symbol of Nashville's nickname, "Athens of the South."
Nashville Zoo at Grassmere: Enjoy a day at the zoo, home to a diverse collection of animals, including elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, and many more.
Frist Art Museum: Explore contemporary and classical art exhibitions in a beautiful, historic art deco building located in downtown Nashville.
Adventure Science Center: Engage in hands-on exhibits and interactive displays focused on science, technology, and space exploration.
The Hermitage: Visit the former home of President Andrew Jackson and tour the beautifully preserved mansion and grounds to learn about his life and legacy.
Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum: Discover the often-overlooked musicians who have contributed to popular music across various genres through engaging exhibits and interactive displays.
Nashville Flea Market: For those who enjoy an unusual find, love vintage, and want a little thrifting retail therapy, do not miss one of the largest flea markets in the United States.
These attractions offer a diverse range of experiences and allow you to immerse yourself in Nashville's cultural heritage, art, music, history, and natural beauty, without the need for alcohol-related activities.

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