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Scavenger Hunt Event

Pictures are a fantastic way to engage event attendees and create lasting memories. Here are some tips on how to use pictures to keep attendees engaged and excited during your event:

Live Photo Stream with – Set up a live photo stream that displays pictures as they are shared on your own private media stream. This will encourage attendees to share their pictures and also give them a chance to see what others are posting.


Scavenger Hunt – Create a scavenger hunt that requires attendees to take pictures of specific items or locations. This is a fun way to get attendees exploring the event and taking pictures along the way.


Photo Contests – Host a photo contest and encourage attendees to submit their best pictures. You can have different categories such as “Best Selfie” or “Best Group Shot.” Offer prizes for the winners to encourage participation.


Personalized Pictures – Create personalized pictures for attendees by incorporating their names or pictures into the background. This is a great way to create a personalized experience for attendees and encourage them to share their pictures on social media.


In conclusion, pictures are a great way to engage event attendees and create a memorable experience. By using these tips, you can encourage attendees to take pictures and share them on social media, creating a buzz around your event and keeping attendees engaged throughout.


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