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Predators crash Nashville bachelorette party scene – Tennessean

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On any given Saturday night, groups of women in matching shirts with clever sayings, sashes and phallic paraphernalia straws take over downtown Nashville.
Broadway has become the unofficial playground for future brides to hold their “last fling before the ring,” capitalizing on the numerous bars on the strip and various other alcohol related activities like pedal taverns.
However, this Saturday wasn’t overrun with glittery bride t-shirts. Instead, it was a lot of yellow. Approximately 50,000 worth of yellow.
Between Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final  and the Broadway Smash watch party (complete with pre-game Alan Jackson concert), the bachelorette groups were faced with an entirely different type of crowd.
One group of women from Indianapolis had been planning for this bachelorette party in Nashville since February. At the time of planning there was no thought of the Predators being in contention for the Stanley Cup, not that it would have made a difference for them.
“No, that’s not something we thought about. We are not hockey fans,” said bride-to-be Hannah Wilson.
Her bridesmaid Cassidy Wolsiesser claimed it was because Indiana doesn’t have a hockey team.
“We met a guy in our lobby and we’re like ‘oh there’s lot people in yellow, what’s going on?,’” Wilson said.
That’s when they found out they’d be sharing their bachelorette weekend with the Predators.
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Another bride-to-be didn’t make the connection that her weekend plans overlapped with Nashville hosting the biggest sporting event in the city’s history, but in Latha Naganna’s case that just added to it.
“We didn’t actually realize it was the Stanley Cup Final so that’s made it even better. We love sports too so it’s been amazing,” Naganna said, as two men decked in Preds t-shirts provided the group with a round of alcohol. “We actually ran into a bunch of our friends from the East Coast that happen to be here for the Stanley Cup Final and we’ve met a lot of fun people that have been just so fun.”
While early in the day on Saturday wasn’t too much of an issue for either bridal party, Wilson’s group had mentioned that there was “definitely some bobbing and weaving” to get into the Alan Jackson concert. But overall the whole experience hasn’t been an issue.
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“It hasn’t cramped our style too much. We are pretty laid back though,” said one of Wilson’s bridesmaids Tess Graham.
Of course this bachelorette party is holding out hope the “lots and lots of yellow” are up to buying a round or two.
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