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NFL schedule release: You won't believe what team fans in … – Yahoo Sports

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NFL teams often go all out with their schedule reveals. The usual point: Make people laugh.
The Tennessee Titans took their schedule reveal to the streets ‒ specifically Broadway in Nashville. One of the nation's party capitals is often teeming with music fans, people watchers and bachelorette parties.
Certainly these folks know their NFL team logos, right?
Well, they can't tell the difference between the Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys. And that's one of the closer guesses here.
We asked people on Broadway to help us with our 2023 schedule release. 🤣

📺: 2023 Schedule Release on @nflnetwork
— Tennessee Titans (@Titans) May 12, 2023
For a time Friday, the Colts' Twitter account called itself Not the Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons renamed themselves the Red Stallions in homage to the Titans' video.
The Colts let defensive linemen DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart literally eat the competition.
Bon Appétit. 🤌
— Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) May 12, 2023
The champion Los Angeles Chargers got elaborate. See if you can get all the references.
should we REALLY make our schedule release video an anime AGAIN?

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— Los Angeles Chargers (@chargers) May 12, 2023
This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: NFL schedule release: Colts logo confused for Cowboys in Nashville

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