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Nashville is bachelorette party central — and with good reason. Here is an insider's look at planning an unforgettable weekend.
April 26, 2018
From a local’s point of view, they keep coming and coming … the endless stream of bachelorettes who descend on Music City every weekend. Entire businesses have cropped up supporting the never-ceasing appetite of the bachelorette party, Nashville-style. Typically, a group of four to 16 women will meet up in Nashville to celebrate one of the women’s impending nuptials. They’ll rent an Airbnb or a swanky downtown hotel and hit the town. You’ll see them at 10 a.m., all fresh-faced with the exuberance of a fun-filled day in front of them — with matching t-shirts as a must. And, that same group can often be spotted well after midnight, with eyeliner and mascara not looking nearly as fresh. By this time, you’ll find them typically in a honky-tonk on Lower Broad. We get it: Nashville is safe. We’re friendly people, and there is a lot to do within walking distance. The food is good, the weather is typically cooperative, and it’s a very Instagram-able city, which apparently matters when at the end of the weekend you’ll want photographic evidence to share, hashtag and hopefully make a book of to preserve the memories.
Nashville also benefits from its central location in the country and many Southwest flights that come here. This makes it easy for people who are spread throughout the country to meet up right here, in Nashvegas. And, similarly to Vegas’ tagline of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” there is a similar attitude among the majority of bachelorettes: They are here to have fun, come hell or high water.
Bachelorettes + Nashville = a marriage made in party heaven. Note the matching shirts with the bride in white. The bride should be in the center of all photos. If you think I’m kidding, I’m not. Image: Jaye Kogut Photography
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From listening to friends who have had bachelorette parties and knowing some Nashville insider information, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list that allows you and your friends to take the typical bachelorette party route … or diverge a little for some bonding beyond the mimosas and pedal taverns. Behold …
Hair done ✔Makeup done ✔T-shirts match ✔ Bride has on white (with a sash) ✔Location: The Blowout Co. Image: Instagram/leannakaiser
You are going to have so many photos from the weekend, so good-looking hair is a must. Bachelorette party favorites are The Blowout Co. in The Gulch and The Dry Bar in Capitol View. Still, they have other Nashville locations that are a Lyft ride away if the downtown locations are already booked. If you want to venture into Green Hills, another local favorite is The Dry House Nashville.
You are here to bond with your friends, and that can be over some margaritas or mimosas, but it is also fun to share a unique experience that is very “Nashville.” We suggest:
SB TIP: Do NOT rent a car. Just take a Lyft or Uber wherever you go. Parking is costly and you’ll be drinking — two reasons not to drive.
The tranquil lobby of Pure Sweat + Float lets you know you are in for quite a treat. Image: Pure Sweat + Float
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Head to Opryland Hotel. This hotel/convention center is like a small town under a glass roof. With waterfalls, rivers, forests, restaurants, a spa and more, you will stay dry and happy here.
You are in Music City, so listening to some live music before the late-night honky-tonk scene is always a good plan. We suggest:
We have a full article on the details of Lower Broad HERE. Our favorites are well described in this article, but we’d pick Robert’s Western World, Paradise Park and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge if we had to pick three.
Follow along on the map above, which was illustrated for StyleBlueprint by the talented Tess Davies. For the full article on honky-tonks, click HERE.
Being above the city is always fun. Personal favorites include:
It’s hard to beat a rooftop dining experience. Location: ACME. Image: Leila Grossman
If you have not decided where you are staying and you want a rooftop pool, you can stay at The Westin Nashville, The Omni or Bobby Hotel and have exclusive guest access to the rooftop pool at each.
We won’t pretend that nabbing a few pictures in front of a mural isn’t sometimes a necessity for a bachelorette weekend. The most photographed spots in Nashville are definitely the “I Believe in Nashville” wall in 12South and the Angel Wings in The Gulch. The most popular destinations will have a line, which can take over 30 minutes to have your turn to snap your photo. If you’re looking to skip the lines at these popular hubs, we have some ideas for a few Nashville murals you likely haven’t visited (or snapped!).
Much to this local writer’s detest, but seemingly to all bachelorette’s desire, there are plenty of options to booze it up and see the downtown vicinity.
Click on any of these for the full rundown on Nashville Pedal Tavern, Nashville Party Barge, Honky Tonk Party Express. Also, see this related article for more photos and options: Nashville Pedal Tavern, Party Barge & Everything in Between.
Of note, not ALL bachelorette parties have women dressed identically. Here’s one party about to jump on the Nashville Pedal Tavern. Or perhaps they aren’t bachelorettes … without a sash or veil, it’s sometimes hard to tell. Image: Jaye Kogut Photography
If you want to stand in a long line, your best options are Pancake Pantry and Biscuit Love. Otherwise, make reservations at The Southern, Pinewood, The Farm House, Margot, ACME, Woolworth on 5thButchertown Hall or Skull’s Rainbow Room. Or, if a stroll down 12South ends up with lunch or the need for guac, chips and margaritas, bartaco is a favorite. Right down the street, Epice is a Mediterranean restaurant that is a local favorite.
If you didn’t go to the music + dinner places already suggested, get some fancier reservations (though jeans are always appropriate in Nashville) at Virago404 Kitchen, Etch or Gray & Dudley. For a menu with slightly less expensive options than those just mentioned, head to Henley, Nada, Barcelona Wine Bar or Butcher & Bee. And, if you haven’t hit ACME yet, it’s a bachelorette destination for a reason. Good prices, live music and plenty of options for dinner.
If you want to skip the hotel scene but still want to stay downtown, we highly recommend the Printer’s Alley Lofts. We’ve stayed in two different ones for our all-team retreats, and they are amazing.
An example of one of the many Printer’s Alley Lofts. Image: Facebook
We are grateful to all our sponsors:
We suggest hanging out in your jammies with the music on or watching a movie you’ve all enjoyed in the past. It’s easy to have groceries delivered. Just download the Shipt app. You can even order days in advance to ensure you get the delivery at the optimal time for your party. Want pre-made offerings? Check out Postmates and Grubhub for endless options. Lastly, if you want to add an unexpected element to your night in, a Tarot Card reading might be exactly what you are looking for!
We suggest three neighborhoods for the best walking and shopping experience outside of downtown:
Ladies, have fun! The days of being able to take off and party for a weekend are fleeting, so embrace it! Image: Jaye Kogut Photography
If you follow this guide, you are guaranteed to leave exhausted and well-bonded with your besties.
Want a more low-key yet enjoyable bachelorette getaway? Fly to Nashville, but get a ride just south of town to Franklin, TN. See all about Franklin here: 
The Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway: Options for EVERYONE in Your Squad
Looking for more weekend getaways? We’ve got you covered. Just click here.
As CEO of StyleBlueprint, Liza also regularly writes for SB. Most of her writing is now found in the recipe archives as cooking is her stress relief!
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