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Married at First Sight LIVE — Clint reveals shocking information at reunion as Shaquille is asked if he r… – The US Sun

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MARRIED at First Sight has ended but fans got a sneak peek into the reunion that will take place in two weeks.
A clip shared at the end of Wednesday night's episode revealed that Clint and Gina have been "closer than ever" ever since the show has ended.
Fans also got a closer look at Shaquille getting questioned if he regrets getting a divorce from Kirsten.
All this and more will be revealed to fans when the reunion airs two weeks from Wednesday night.
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Calvin Roberson is a popular speaker, author, marriage coach, and relationship expert.
For almost 30 years he has dedicated his life to coaching couples through their marital issues. In 2013, he also founded the Progression Church.
Roberson holds a BA in Theology from Oakwood University and a MA of Divinity from Andrews University, according to his Lifetime biography.
When he is not on the Married at First Sight set, he can often be found posting about his life on Instagram to over 244,000 followers.
Background checks are followed by further application stages that take a closer look at the applicant, according to Cosmopolitan.
Producers rapidly weed out those aiming for fame from the show and only accept those who are sincerely seeking love and a fulfilling marriage as applicants.
The qualified candidates also go through thorough psychological and physical examinations.
Pastor Calvin Roberson, a show counselor, explained to ET: “We’re looking at things like their psychological testing, their core values… These are legally binding marriages. Annulment is not an option.”
Be ready to go through an extremely rigorous application process if you’re ever interested in appearing on Married at First Sight.
The show’s producers take the coupling seriously and go to great lengths to get rid of anyone who might be potentially dangerous to other contestants.
Following the completion of the application, each applicant undergoes a strict background investigation, during which their whole criminal history will be combed through, ET reported.
Additionally, credit checks are performed to estimate any outstanding obligations you might have because producers do not want to pair you up with someone who will have to deal with significant debt from the beginning.
However, before further thorough investigations are finished, this is merely the initial stage of the application procedure.
During last week's episode, Clint mentioned to Domynique that their exes were going on a date.
In a confessional, Dom slammed the date as “weird” and compared it to “dating a coworker.”
She added that Gina has her life figured out and hinted that her ex is less put together.
Clint said he wished his ex well and if it worked out, he’d “get them a gift card.”
Many MaFS alums before this season couldn’t make it last after the show, including:
More couples that couldn’t make their first-sight marriage work before season 16 are included below:
Many couples struggle to marry at first sight and haven’t lasted longer than the show.
The following couples have parted ways since their time on the show:
Even though participants are thrown into a marriage before even seeing their spouse, the show has produced more successful couples than the hit series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
The first three seasons of Married at First Sight had a 22 percent success rate vs 21.8 percent for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette couples, according to Reality Blurred.
Many couples decide to stay married once the show ends but sometimes things don’t always work out.
Executive producer Chris Coelen said: “We will contribute within a certain period of time if they get divorced.”
He continued: “We will help them cover the costs of an attorney if they choose to do that. I don’t know what the amount is. It’s nominal,” per Screenrant.
In the American version of the show, contestants really do get married.
As per Yahoo!, the couples on Married At First Sight enter a legal union and sign a marriage license after the ceremony is taped.
On the UK version of the show, however, marriages are not legally binding.
Although the ceremonies don’t end with a legal document, couples can choose to get married for real at the end of the series.
The last couple that became parents after a stint on Married at First Sight is Briana Myles and Vincent Morales from season 12.
The pair announced last summer that they were expecting a child and then welcomed their daughter Aury Bella in January.
Briana and Vincent are the latest MaFS alums to become parents, as couples from the most recent seasons have struggled to maintain their marriages after filming ended.
Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman met on season seven of Married at First Sight and now have two children together named Olivia Nicole and Robert Elvin.
Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie from season nine had a son named Declan in February 2021.
Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer from season ten had one son together named Westin after celebrating their second-year anniversary.
Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya from season 11 revealed on their second wedding anniversary that they were expecting their first child.
The couple welcomed their son, Reign, last summer.
Although many couples who meet on Married at First Sight struggle to go the distance, there are success stories from the show.
Particularly, the following couples not only stayed married after filming but also took the parenting leap and had kids together.
Dough Hehner and Jamie Otis from season one have two kids together named Henley Grace and Hendrix Douglas.
Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico from season five also have two kids named Mila Rose and Vaeda Marie.
Jephte Pierre and Shawniece Jackson have one daughter together, Laura Denise.
MAFS tell-all from previous couples is taking place next week and in two weeks the entire Nashville cast is back for a two-part reunion.
In the trailer for the reunion, Clint teases Gina and he are closer than ever, and Shaquille is asked if he regrets divorcing Kirsten.
Airris says he has learned a lot from the experience and is looking forward to the future.
Chris says he went in hoping he would just like his spouse and he ended up loving her.
Clint says to the cast mates who have not stayed married that they will get there and leads a toast between everyone.
Airris says he has learned a lot from the experience and is looking forward to the future.
Chris says he went in hoping he would just like his spouse and he ended up loving her.
Clint says to the cast mates who have not stayed married that they will get there and leads a toast between everyone.
Dom reached out to former contestant Gil and fans are sharing their thoughts on Twitter.
One fan wrote: "Gil basically told Dom he ain’t with the kid games and he’s too busy to entertain her. She also never answered his questions directly. No self awareness"
Another wrote: "Dom thinks she has a chance with Gil? [laughing emoji]"
The divorced couples are meeting up for an axe-throwing party with Clint proudly declaring: "Who's ready to throw some axes for exes baby?!"
He immediately is hitting it off with Dom, prompting the rest of the cast to dare them to kiss.
After they both hit the axe on the board, Clint is leaning in and the two share a kiss.
His ex Gina is shocked and the rest of the group is screaming in excitement.
Kirsten says the only question she had from decision day is was there something on Shaq's end that caused him not to want marriage.
Shaq says he thinks they were both on two separate pages and she asks him why he was crying.
He says he was crying and that he made a decision for him and that's why he was crying.
Kirsten tells Shaq she appreciates him for meeting and she hopes things work out for him.
Shaq asks her where they go from here and they agree the two will stay cordial with each other.
He says he got what he expected and says she showed once again that she is not nurturing.
Fans have taken to Twitter to warn previous cast member Gil after Dom has her eyes set on him.
Dom is video chatting with Gil and she tells him to keep in touch with her because he has her number.
Fans have flooded to Twitter to warn Gil with one writing: "Gil. Run."
Another wrote: "Runaway from runaway bride Dom"
Clint does not have the privilege of hanging out with Gina's dog Hank anymore and is looking to fill that void.
He is checking out some puppies and says he's not going to make a rash decision at the moment.
Clint tells the dog owner that he appreciates all the questionnaires that he had to fill out because it shows she truly cares what home the dog goes to.
Kirsten is talking to her cousin about how Shaq and her got divorced.
Her cousin asks her if she feels like she could have done anything different emotionally for Shaq but Kirsten believes she did her best.
Kirsten tells her cousin that she is going to meet up with Shaquille and her cousin is flabbergasted.
A divorce lawyer is discussing how the divorce process goes and Gina asks how costly it can be.
Gina says she totally trusts Clint not giving her any problems throughout the divorce
But she just wanted to cover her a*s and make sure Clint wouldn't get custody of her dog Hank.
They both tell Shaq they have been on separate dates since their divorce.
Shaq tells them that his grandmother's death has taken a big toll on him.
Airris ask Shaquille if he wants to be friends with Kirsten and he agrees that he still wants a friendship.
Shaq asks the two how they became friends after their divorce and Airris says through good communication.
He reveals he is set to meet with Kirsten, and says he isn't playing a back-and-forth game of being friends or not being friends.
She tells her mother and father that she is exploring the possibility of dating former contestant Mack.
Gina's mother tells her that she just wants a man for her daughter that will put her on a pedestal and treat her right.

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