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Luke Combs Prioritizes His Family Over His Career – – Everything Nash

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Luke Combs might be the reigning superstar in country music, with 15 consecutive No.1 hits, and a lagely sold-out World Tour. But when he isn’t on stage, Combs’ biggest priority is his growing family, including his wife, Nicole and his son, Tex, born last June.
“I spend a lot of my time at home, really,” Combs says. “We’re on tour now, but we, for the most part, play one show a week. So, the rest of the week I’m at home, changing diapers, cooking dinner, I’m just doing the most normal of things unless I’m on stage in front of however many thousands of people. I know that sounds insane. But that’s genuinely what I love doing. I want to be my son’s dad. I want to be my wife’s husband, because I think living as normal of a life as possible is of paramount importance for me personally.”
Celebrity status aside, the North Carolina native insists he really is just like everyone else, at least when he is away from the spotlight.  It was in talks with Nicole that some of the ideas for his upcoming bar in downtown Nashville, taking over the space currently held by the Wildhorse Saloon, were born. Combs plans on having a honky-tonk, a ticketed concert hall, a place for legalized sports betting, a songwriters room and more, along with a designated area for bachelorette parties, an idea he credits to his wife, Nicole.
“We sit around and talk, put the kid to bed, and we watch murder mysteries on the couch and talk about bachelorette party spaces,” Combs says. “That’s just kind of what’s going on in our house. I’ve run a lot of stuff by her.”

While fan reaction was mixed to Combs’ new venue replacing the Wildhorse Saloon, opened in 1994, Combs has big plans for making his space something that appeals to, quite literally, everyone, including a premier music venue.
“In my eyes, I want to turn [the] room … into the best,1500 capacity venue that Nashville has to offer,” Combs reveals. “For touring acts of any genre to be a destination venue for people that come and go on tour, to want to come and be able to put on a high-level touring act show.”
Combs is back on the charts with “Love You Anyway,” the debut single from his Gettin’ Old album, released in March. Find music and tour dates at
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