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event photography

Event Photography is Easy with these 3 Steps

Make Your Event Photography an Easy, Breezy 1-2-3

Forget trying to scour social media for photos from your big day or event. Event photography can be simple and fun with simply using what you wear more than your favorite t-shirt: your cell phone. Keep your event photos private, secure and easily accessible with your own unique event phone number that your guests use to easily text photos from their phone to.

It’s as simple as these steps:

event photography











That’s it! You log-in, download your photos (as a secured admin on your account, of course) and can share, print or store them as your please.

BONUS:  Make your party even more memorable by LIVE-STREAMING photos from your guests’ phones straight to a projector screen! Set-up is easy, and photos will continue coming in as people see other guests using the platform. Make your event interactive and even more fun while collecting memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to share some memories today?

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