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Drunk Guy On A Nashville Party Bus Gets Pelted In The Face With A … – Whiskey Riff

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I think they call this move the “f*ck around and find out.”
If you’ve been to Nashville any time in the last few years, you know that you can’t set foot downtown with seeing a parade of party buses, pedal taverns, tractor wagons – pretty much every mode of transportation you can think of loaded down with drunk, rowdy tourists.
It’s a constant battle between the tourists who bring tons of money to the city and the locals who live and work here and have to spend their days dodging drunk bachelor and bachelorette parties as they just try to get home from the office.
And no video more perfectly captures that battle than this one.
Posted a while back by Taylor Jensen (@taylorjensen1284) on TikTok, the video captures a group of rowdy partiers enjoying themselves on the back of a bus.
The star of this story, though, is the guy in the blue shirt who is absolutely VIBING, beer in hand and clearly drunk off his a*s, trying to hype up the people in an SUV that pulls up beside him.
Obviously, wanting to share the party with those around him, our guy tosses a beer into the window of the nearby car.
And then it immediately comes flying back at him like it was thrown by Tom Brady himself, pegging the guy right in the face.

The driver of the bus (who has a glorious mullet, by the way) then gets out to assess the situation and pick up the guy’s sunglass lenses that went flying when he took a half-full can to the face.
We can’t really tell what was said at the time, but luckily we did get a follow up from Taylor on her TikTok.

Turns out both the bus driver and the guys in the SUV reached out after her video went viral.
As we see in the video, the drunk guy on the party bus tossed an open beer (actually it was a White Claw, which just makes this all the more embarrassing) at an unsuspecting guy sitting in the car beside him.
Seems that the guy in the SUV wasn’t even paying attention and got unexpectedly soaked by the unwelcome gift, so he threw the Claw back out of the window and ended up nailing the guy on the party bus right in the face.
The bus driver, whose name was Caleb, then got out and tried to defuse the situation before kicking the drunk guy off the bus just a few minutes later.
And the kicker? According to Taylor, even the guy’s friends on the bus with him were glad to see him go because he was so obliterated and obnoxious.
Taylor also had some good advice for the guy on the bus:
“You need to learn to control your alcohol and how to act, cause that’s just ridiculous.”
There may not be any laws when you’re drinking Claws, but turns out there are consequences.
Like going viral for taking a can straight to the face.

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