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Comedian creates film examining Nashville bachelorette parties – News Channel 5 Nashville

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Bachelorette parties seem to be everywhere these days in Nashville, especially downtown.
Now a local comedian is taking a look at the impact those parties actually have on Music City, with a comedic short film called “Nashville Bachelorettes: a Ben Oddo Investigation.”
Oddo got the inspiration for the film from his day job, working on a comedy tour bus that drives through Lower Broadway.
He describes the film — tongue in cheek — as half “60 Minutes,” half “The Daily Show,” as it looks into the bachelorette tourism industry and how much money it really pumps into the Nashville economy.
And he says tourism numbers from the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation about bachelorettes really took him by surprise.
They make up less than one percent of the overall tourists who come to visit Nashville — a percentage that Oddo found contributes huge amounts to the downtown economy, and yes, even its image.
“By all accounts, Broadway in the ’90s was peep shows, pool halls and it was seedy,” Oddo said. “The bachelorettes buoy a lot of the businesses here on Broadway.”
The Nashville Bachelorettes short film debuted earlier this year at the Belcourt, but Oddo says they’ll eventually be putting the movie online.
You can watch a trailer and find out more about the film at this link.

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