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Combine our Text based technology with any video conference service

Hybrid Virtual Event Solutions

As the world continues to innovate its way out of this recent pandemic, it is thrilling to see all of the ingenious engineering ideas which people and companies are coming up with to ensure that we can still hyper connect as a society. So many commercial technologies have now made their way into the public domain including: Zoom, Ring Central and GoToMeeting to serve as that vital conduit and facilitator of live interactions in order to solve for our digital divide.

But what these platforms all lack is the ability to capture content long term in an easy to access, private way.  This is where comes to the rescue.  At the very same time you run your video conference you can have your TextEventPics slide show running automatically.  As your guests text in pictures, our platform will automatically and securely show the content in real time so enhance the experience and engagement.

Text Slide show with Video Conference
Text Slide show with Video Conference

Our platform can easily be used with any video conference platform, without the need for any complicated integrations.



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