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Protect Information

Privacy & Photo Sharing: How to Protect Your Personal Information

Online privacy is extremely important today because data has become increasingly valued over the years. Many people steal data and information from personal accounts so that they can sell it. Every move we make online is at risk for being collected and analyzed for data, which is why protecting personal information is so important. Read on to see why we support keeping your information private, and how you can stay protected online.

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Memorial Day

2018 Memorial Day Events to Capture & Share

For some, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, taking a 3-day weekend or getting ready to attend one of the 28,969 weddings taking place across the United States. But in context of the day, it is most important to remember the ones that sacrificed their lives for our freedom and our country.

The national moment of remembrance is at 3 p.m. Monday, in which we remember those that have fallen and those that continue to serve. No matter how you plan to celebrate this weekend, there is always a way to capture the moments that matter most with Text Event Pics. Check out a few interesting tidbits about how many Americans spend this holiday across the nation below.

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