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Student Union Board hosts a Homecoming-themed scavenger hunt – Today at Elon

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By Kim Walker, staff
October 14, 2020
Members of Elon’s SUB hid wooden E cut-outs around campus and offered prizes for the lucky finders.
Emily Sanderson ’22, director of special events for Elon’s Student Union Board started her Wednesday morning a lot earlier than normal. She was part of the group hiding 15 wooden letter “E”s around campus for SUB’s annual scavenger hunt. To make sure the “E”s were in nestled in their hiding places before the campus awoke, they began hiding them just before 7 a.m., as the sun rose.

After the “E”s were in place, SUB posted clues about their locations to their Instagram account. Nicole Dischinger ’23 was ready to go; she’d set an alarm to ensure an early start. She was off-campus during last year’s scavenger hunt and was jealous as she got texts from friends who were participating.
Her planning paid off. After figuring out a clue, she sprinted from her room in the Danieley Neighborhood over to main campus in search of an “E.” Success! By 8:20 a.m. she was in the SUB office in Moseley Center, receiving a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble.
“Now I get to go shopping at the bookstore!” Dischinger said, beaming. “It’s pretty cold this morning, so I think an Elon sweatshirt would be nice.”
SUB has connected their long-running annual scavenger hunt with other holidays in the past, like hiding golden bricks for Saint Patrick’s Day, but this is the first year it’s happening during Homecoming Week. The “E”s hidden throughout campus this year tie into the large wooden “E”s painted by students that are displayed on Iconic Plaza. In a separate SUB-sponsored event, students painted and decorated the “E”s over the past few days, and now the community is voting to choose a favorite.
Follow SUB’s Instagram page for scavenger hunt clues and information about additional Homecoming 2020 events.
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