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'SNL' host Quinta Brunson stars in spoof Netflix bridesmaid cult … – Mashable

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In Saturday Night Live’s new and disturbing documentary, the streaming service covers what it’s like to be a bridesmaid. Oh, my knees just shivered thinking about it.
Guest host Quinta Brunson stars in this spoof on true crime cult documentaries as a woman who was unfortunate enough to be chosen as a bridesmaid. She and her group of friends recount on the experience and lament the worst 18 weeks of their life.
“Each year more than 6 million women fall into this type of cult,” says cult expert Greg Lawrence (James Austin Johnson). “They prey on vulnerable groups like college roommates and sisters-in-law.”
The experience of being a bridesmaid includes passive-aggressive communication from the bride, a controlling lieutenant aka the maid of honor, and everything from financial intimidation and weirdly sexual bachelorette trips to Nashville.
“I spent $300 on a bridesmaid dress,” Brunson says. “The bride swore I would find other times I would wear it, but like where am I going that calls for a floral-length light blue Chauvin gown with a modest neckline?”
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