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School year books

We have recently been contacted by educational organizations about how they are going to solve for the future state of the 2020/2021 school year and how they are going to assemble all of those great year book pictures without students being on premise as much as they used to be.

TextEventPics is proud that we have the ultimate solution for school year book solutions whereby students, parents and teachers can send pictures into our service and have them all contained, governed and managed in one single, simple way.

Teachers and school administrators will be thrilled with the fact that they can govern and control 100% of the photos and also have insights into when and where all of the photos originated from.

At any point the host (teacher, etc) can download the great pictures and send to the yearbook organizer for easy assembly and safe, secure and compressed zip files.

Hosts can even block phone numbers who become abusive or non-compliant.

School year books
School year books

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