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Party bus permits renewed despite suggestion to cut down – News Channel 5 Nashville

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — After a seven-hour meeting and public hearing, Metro’s Transportation Licensing Commission decided the party will go on. All of the entertainment vehicles up for permit renewal were approved.
Nashville Department of Transportation recommended the number of party bus permits be cut down in half, but the commission decided now is not the time to put their foot down.
This is great news for all the bachelorette parties planning to come into town and the companies running the party buses. Not so great news for those living and working in downtown Nashville.
There are currently 87 ETVs permitted to operate.
Last night the commission had the option to deny more than 30 companies’ applications for renewal. The group Safe Fun Nashville was hoping this would be an opportunity to cut down on the number of ETVs, but they were all approved, which has many worried about the increased traffic downtown.
“It’s definitely a concern,” said business owner Parris McKinney Jr. “I follow all the news. I follow all the things I do, It’s a concern for me. It’s a concern for our business as a group, but more than anything, it’s a concern for people coming to Nashville for things to do.”
A special meeting is scheduled for May 11 to approve or deny new applications, so there could be even more party buses on the roads soon.

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