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Oprah’s Favorite Gardening Tools Set Is on Sale for Only $16 – AOL

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Now that we’re finally settling into the warmth of spring and summer is right around the corner, chances are that your garden is already flourishing. Or for those who want to start a garden this year, you know it's time to roll up your sleeves. And while that might sound exciting, picking the right gardening tools can be a challenge. Not to worry, Oprah has you covered.
Just in time for summer, Oprah’s favorite gardening tool kit from Oprah's Favorite Things 2022 is included in Amazon's major Memorial Day sale. The set comes with three essential tools that will help you get back into the weeds (so to speak), get your garden in tip-top shape, or help you foster your own from the roots up (pun absolutely intended).
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You Grow Girl Gardening Essentials 3-Piece Set
Included are a hand spade, cultivator, and weeder made with durable stainless steel for a functional tool kit that’ll set you up for success—all you’ll need are your seeds! And now, you can get this Oprah-approved gardening set for only $16 (!!!). That’s 34 percent off the tool set’s original price. (It's also a great gift for any horticulturists in your circle!)

With roots based in Santa Barbara but now located in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Santa Barbara Design Studio is a lifestyle studio that specializes in selling products that have a high-end, clever, and creative twist. The You Grow Girl tool set is one of the best-sellers for the brand.
Oprah emphasized that the gardening set is great for anyone trying to cultivate a green thumb. "You know I love to garden," Oprah previously said. "This affordable set is perfect for someone who is just starting to embrace their green thumb. It comes with a spade, a cultivator, and a weeder—plus instructions on planting an herb garden."
Whether you’re looking to continue the success of your already lush front lawn or you’re simply beginning, The Santa Barbara Design Studio offers everything you could ever need to make the gardening process easier than ever.
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