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NFL Draft: Nashville bachelorette parties are ruined due to draft – For The Win

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In a story that I am having trouble typing out because I keep having to pause to laugh, numerous Nashville bachelorette parties were ruined this weekend due to the NFL Draft being in town and much of the downtown area being blocked off to accommodate the draft attendees.
These women are mad. 
Like they are so mad, and I know I shouldn’t be laughing because it’s supposed to be a special weekend for them, but also, this is really, really funny.
Nashville has become one of the hottest destinations for bachelorette parties in the country, and apparently several of these parties forgot to check the dates and booked weekends here, not knowing that it was the same weekend as the NFL Draft.
So we got this:
I’ll tell you who’s not happy about the NFL Draft in Nashville… People who planned their bachelorette parties with no idea this was happening! @FOXNashville
— Kathleen Jacob FOX17 (@Kathleenjjacob) April 25, 2019

The @NFL caused all the bars to shut down in Nashville so all the plans that I made months ago for my best friends bachelorette party are now cancelled due to the draft this weekend #NotHappy
— Allison Pugsley (@APugz) April 25, 2019

Thank you @NFL for ruining the bachelorette party I’ve been planning for months. 🖕🏼 #DraftWeekend
— Allison Pugsley (@APugz) April 24, 2019

Some parties had a good sense of humor about it, at least:
Only we would accidentally plan my bachelorette party on the same weekend/location as the NFL draft 😂
— Abby Chicka (@abbychicka) April 25, 2019

Again, I shouldn’t be laughing. But here we are.
Also, Nicole is right:
All this to say, the only person I feel bad for regarding the bachelorette-during-the-NFL-draft situation here is the maid of honor. She’s probably getting screamed at. Or passive aggressively gossiped about.
— Nicole Auerbach (@NicoleAuerbach) April 26, 2019

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