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Hotel Event Planners best tool!

As a busy Hotel or Resort event planner, it is your duty to provide the best in services to your clients on their special day. That may be a wedding, corporate function or family event.  TextEventPics has the perfect add-on which will make the experience so much better for all of the guests.

They will be able to post pictures via text to the event’s private phone number and allow guests who are present or virtual to participate in the fun! They will see their pics instantly on both their own mobile devices as well as the hotel event media devices being used. Best of all, no app to install. Its sooooo easy!

The hotel will also receive great advertising with our unique ability to inject tasteful logos of the corporate hotel insignia.Come and see why TextEventPics is one of the nations fastest growing media tech companies, offering immersive, digital experiences as well as opportunities to save those pictures forever with our built in integrations with various printing vendors including Walgreens.

Ready to share some memories today?

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