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HC BRANDS joins TextEventPics for Amazing Product Printing

We are so very excited to announce an amazing service partnership with HC BRANDS which will enable our customers to select their favorite event pictures and have them printed on a wide array of amazing products. These products make fantastic gifts and are shipped directly to your door!

Register for free and use discount code: HCB904 for an incredible 30% off your next event!

  1. SNAP
    Your guests use their own phones to take photos. There’s no app, and no accounts to contend with, ensuring a simple experience for all.
  2. SEND
    Your guests then TEXT pictures to your unique event phone number created just for your event
    Your event’s photos are streamed live on to any screen you wish
  4. PRINT – new !!!
    Seamlessly send your favorite pics to HC BRANDS for perfect product printing


Ready to share some memories today?

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